Located in a massive sinkhole in the suburb of Gigapolis Equator, the capital of Citivas MODERATIO, Dragonfall used to be a floating fortress with an auxiliary ground base belonging to FATE’s military during the FATE War.

After the war, the floating fortress was wrecked and demolished. Local residents and scavengers started to construct numerous buildings that were neither legal nor safe along the base, surviving by siphoning the core energy from the base and salvaging the cutting-edge black technology remaining in the fortress. With a total population of ten million people, Dragonfall is one of the few settlements whose main industries directly build on the ruins left from the FATE era. From bottom to top, Dragonfall is arranged vertically with several distinct areas.

The Base of the Primal Fortress: During the war, the bottom of the Dragonfall was used to recharge and resupply the base. In current times, the still functioning fusion reactors remain the main energy supplier for the whole of Dragonfall. This functionally limitless energy source paved the groundwork for all other economic development in the city.

Spiral Mural Settlements: Many inhabitants built their homes, layer by layer, after digging into the wall of the base and connecting the wires with the energy facilities within. From the outer layer, they have dug around 150 meters inward. This slow progress makes the neighborhood diverse, with people of different social status mingling here. Like termites slowly working their way through the heartwood of a fallen tree, the ruins of the base serve as a hive of activity for the current residents. As the sun never shines in these settlements, this place is locally known as the “Snake Den.”

Upper Mural Area: Surrounding the edge of the massive sinkhole, residential areas and conglomerates have established themselves to form a giant torus, completely circling the former base. The residents here are mostly management sent by international companies to supervise the various Dragonfall extraction and salvage businesses. Some intrepid individuals who were attracted by the same opportunities created with black technology have also arrived, both from the law-abiding and lawless worlds. In general, the living standard here is much higher than in the Spiral Mural Settlements. In this district, social order is maintained by armed patrol troops. People call this area the Ring of the Lords, as this is only accessible to the rich.

Floating Fortress Ruins (the Mine): Since the moment the FATE War ceased, the ruins of the fortress have become a bizarre sight, which neither fall nor move. As precious black technology can easily be found in the wreck of the FATE military base, this place has become a hot mining spot by various powers after the war. The mine, however, holds a great deal of unknown danger. Accidents happen here frequently because of irregular gravity generation caused by broken emitters. Because of this, the salvage industry here was quickly controlled by gangs and human traffickers, who provide service for countless military and private security contractors that are drawn by high profits and undeterred by the risky working conditions. Between the fortress ruins and the ground settlements, several flakes broken off from the main fort still float in the air. Caused by malfunctioning anti-gravity emitters, this unique sight has become the greatest tourist attraction in Dragonfall.

Dragon’s Crown Circuit: From the deserted fortress ruins high above the ground to the central sinkhole of Dragonfall, this space is one of the eight Global Level MOTO ROYALE racetracks. After a quick traditional circuit of the floating fortress, the course runs in a spiral to Dragonfall’s base. Once the mines there have been traversed, racers travel back up to the starting line at the Dragon’s Crown, completing the double-helix. Several consecutive speed records for the Dragon’s Crown circuit have been broken during the downhill section of the course. Whenever a race is held, hordes of tourists pour in, considerably stimulating the Dragonfall economy.