goeman city



Goemon City is underground, roughly located near the ruins of Hakone, a mountainous town in Kanagawa, Japan. During G.A.M.E.R.s’ War, the Japanese government and organized crime syndicates reached an agreement in secret to hollow out a massive cavity deep in the mountain. The dome of the city is reinforced with numerous stainless-steel towers, and this location serves as a fallback for emergency evacuations in case of any major disaster in Tokyo.

Named after the legendary vigilante Ishikawa Goemon, this city is an enlarged recreation of the Kabukichō district in Tokyo. On the very bottom, skyscrapers for Gokudō headquarters gleam proudly among vanity and corruption. One by one, these buildings are erected in a neat-and-tidy order.

As the local Gokudō organizations are extremely powerful, every tower is stationed by a specific branch of the organization. The whole underground megalopolis is the battleground for dozens of Gokudō power struggles. More than the imposing appearance, these towers belong to various gangs and support the infinite dome with uncounted iron and steel.

Inside every mega building in Goemon City, the layout is systematically designed as a self-sufficient settlement for mixed use, supporting both residential and commercial purposes. Like traditional mixed-use locations, the bottom stories are reserved for the advertising and commerce of retail businesses. On the top of each tower is the organizational emblem, echoing the proud family ties fostered during the warring states period. Ruled by these different Gokudō powers, everyone is strictly protected and controlled by the “Goemon City Entertainment Association”, the highest autonomous organization, as long as they obey the orders both written and unwritten in the city.

The city view is the visual embodiment of the unwritten rules for Goemon City, on which the magic city flourishes — the Gokudō houses serve their own leader. On one hand, they bloom and blossom based on resources inspired by East Las Vegas; on the other, they maintain a delicate balance among all powers and reinforce the artificial dome that is closely connected to the survival of the city. Even the Japanese mafia follow their own code and morality.

Travellers here quickly learn the unspoken rule; Goemon City is a clandestine city that no outsiders are allowed to take a picture of.
In this megalopolis below the surface, many outlaws wanted in the outside world are sheltered by the Gokudō organizations. The entertainment visitors experience here is not exactly the suitable to share with the world above.

Authorized by Z.E.U.S., and G.U.N., extraterritoriality has been granted to Goemon City. Located on the edge of the Gigapolis of the Great Sun, in Citivas INDUSTRIA, this city has developed into a metropolis that takes sensual and sexual pleasure to the extreme.

During the FATE War, the Grand Prix de MOTO ROYALE, the most popular CySports, was cancelled. After the war, the Ebisu Circuit, with a brand-new design, was built in Goemon City for the race. Once a year during the Shikigami Festival, huge floats inspired by Japanese folklore are created by each Gokudō house and installed on the circuit. The race is a fresh new experience with extreme excitement — On the Ebisu Circuit in Goemon City, every race is unique.

Throughout the grand race, the whole city will enter a temporary lockdown. Once the opening whistle sounds, everyone must watch out for their own safety and protection. It’s every man for himself.

All property in Goemon City belongs to individual Gokudō houses. Any damage or death taking place in the race is accounted for as an operating expense and underwritten by the houses’ insurance policies. On the other hand, if the participants cause damage so great that it could lead to an operational crisis or endanger the public, the organizer of the grand race, the International Federation of CySports, or I.F.C., has authorized the Goemon City Entertainment Association to take all necessary means to take care of the aftermath.

From time to time, outsiders can see private troops of one Gokudō house dashing from one skyscraper to another. In the aftermath of fire, explosions, and screaming, the emblem on top of the tower may change. For the most part, however, the internal machinations never put tourists in danger — unless these outsiders attempt to intervene in the delicate balance of power in Goemon City…