Long before the Astro Ladder System was completed, six space stations under the control of different countries existed in geosynchronous orbit with Earth. When the Astro Ladder System and the Upper Equatorial Flange were initiating operation, talented individuals and materials were transported from Earth through the six major ground stations to the final geosynchronous stations. Critical resources were also sent to the core areas in the new space colonies under development.
At the beginning of the FATE War, all Astro Ladder Systems were abandoned when FATE appropriated the stations as command centers for each of his six legions. After the war, G.U.N. regained control of the six stations, which were restored and updated as the Geosynchronous Orbital Vanguards (G.O.V.) to help the organization rule the world.

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Space Station ENTERPRISE: For the most part, Space Station ENTERPRISE was developed and constructed by the United States government. The name itself harkens back to a fictional spaceship from American pop culture. In its original incarnation, the station was specifically designed to research and operate in low-Earth orbit. Subsequently, it was renovated with more powerful thrusters, so the current orbit was adjusted to a much higher altitude. The station was also significantly expanded due to the relocation to this higher and more stable location.

The first Astro Ladder in the system to utilize a high-speed elevator, ENTERPRISE exchanges resources and personnel with Transporter Station KIRK on Earth via the highly efficient Transporter B.M.U.S.

ENTERPRISE is also known as “Federation City.” The American scientists who are stationed here like to greet each other with their right hand, with their index finger touching the middle finger, and the ring finger next to their pinkie. The gesture that almost looks like a hand trident, what started off as a joke among the station staff has over time become one of the most distinguishable features of ENTERPRISE.

During the FATE War, ENTERPRISE was the command center for Mechanical Angel Legion Luxuria, (M.A.L. LUXURIA).

After the war, G.U.N. took possession of ENTERPRISE officially. In reality, it is Gigacorp URANUS, the lead syndicate that built the station that has full control of ENTERPRISE.

Space Station GAGARIN: Space Station GAGARIN was mainly developed under the guidance of the Russian Federation, and was named after the very first astronaut from the original space race between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin (Юрий Алексеевич Гагарин). GAGARIN was invested and set up by both Gigacorp ZDRAVLJICA and Gigacorp EKEKCONN, with an ownership stake of 2:1.

Unlike other space stations, GAGARIN was from the very beginning set up to serve as a military base and as the first permanent residential space station. The first space day care center was constructed here. GAGARIN was also one of the first space stations equipped with a zero-gravity hydroponics system. The specialty here is the Sputnik-1 Vodka, a spirit brewed from zero-gravity potatoes.

GAGARIN is the second space station in the Astro Ladder System network. The ground base THRESHKOV features an Astro Ladder VOSTOK 1 with distinctly Soviet design, reminiscent of the time of Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin.

During the FATE War, Space Station GAGARIN was used as a command center by the Mechanical Angel Legion Sloth, (M.A.L. SLOTH).

After the war, G.U.N. has taken official control of GAGARIN, and utilizes it as one of the two space stations to host meetings of the Security Council.

Space Station MAASTRICHT: Named after the Maastricht Treaty that expedited the establishment of European Union, Space Station MAASTRICHT was a military station developed by the E.U. The main investor is Gigacorp ZDRAVLJICA.

Space Station MAASTRICHT has the fewest staff of all the Astro Ladder System space stations, while also enjoying the highest quality of life. High-speed shuttles depart from ground station ULYSSES and travel to orbit on Astro Ladder ILLIAD.

During the FATE War, this station was the command center for Mechanical Angel Legion ENVY (M.A.L. ENVY).

After the war, G.U.N. is nominally in charge of this station but in fact Gigacorp ZDRAVLJICA has day to day control over MAASTRICHT.

Space Station NAN TIAN MEN: With China as the sole developer, Space Station NAN TIAN MEN is a military station named after the Jade Emperor’s Grand Hall of Miraculous Mist in Taoist mythology. The geosynchronous orbit leads to ground station SHUI JING GONG via Astro Ladder DING HAI.

Among the six major space stations, NAN TIAN MEN boasts the most space and staff. The chief investor is Gigacorp EKEKCONN.

During the FATE War, this station was the command center for Mechanical Angel Legion GLUTTONY (M.A.L. GLUTTONY).

After the war, NAN TIAN MEN belongs to G.U.N. on paper, but in reality Gigacorp EKEKCONN has regained control over this station.

Space Station TAKAMAGAHARA: Named after the mythological abode of the Japanese gods, Space Station TAKAMAGAHARA was developed and constructed by Japan. The main investors for TAKAMAGAHARA are Gigacorps URANUS and AKSUM.

Originally, TAKAMAGAHARA designed to be used as a space station for a limited time, and then retrofitted into a deep space transport vessel. The intent was for TAKAMAGAHARA to serve as a multi-functional spacecraft to immigrate to Mars. Ever since Astro Ladder KUSANAGI began running, business and military operations have been in full bloom from ground station SUSANOO. Due to the economic prosperity of TAKAMAGAHARA, the planned colonization of Mars has been delayed indefinitely.

During the FATE War, this station was the command center for Mechanical Angel Legion WRATH (M.A.L. WRATH).

After the war, TAKAMAGAHARA was directly under G.U.N.’s control, and was one of the two space stations for the Security Council to convene a meeting. A recent unexplained explosion almost wiped out the core areas of TAKAMAGAHARA. Gravity and atmospheric pressure have been restored, but other facilities are still offline. Travel to TAKAMAGAHARA is not advised.

Space Station RAMA: Constructed mainly by India, Space Station RAMA was named after Vishnu, one of the three main gods in Hinduism. The major investor was the Gigacorp AKSUM.

The high-speed shuttles depart from Stargate HANUMAN and arrive at the space station via RAMA’s Bridge.

During the FATE War, this space station was the command center for Mechanical Angel Legion GREED (M.A.L. GREED).

After the war, RAMA fell under G.U.N.’s jurisdiction, but actually Gigacorp AKSUM has full control of this station.