Rumor has it that during the G.A.M.E.R.S War, there was a luxurious cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean. On the ship, Bernard Lamp was the official in charge of judicial affairs, and he successfully defended the vessel from pirates with his G.A.M.E.R. talents when facing attacks on the sea. As the war continued to escalate and the opportunity to find a safe port became more and more rare, he was able to successfully negotiate a new partnership with the marauding fleets of pirates. Ever since then, Lamp has set up a small armed merchant armada, creating rights of free passage and weapons trading agreements between the pirates and local nations around the Pacific.

Subsequent to the profitable trading arrangements with the pirates, Lamp built up a close business relationship with Gigacorp EKEKCONN and Gigacorp URANUS, forming an independent power known as the KAPITEIN Armed Merchant Armada (K.A.M.A.) and thus began maintaining peace and safety in the Pacific Ocean without formal authorization.

As the Armada continued to grow in size and influence, Lamp began to forge alliances with existing small-medium powers on the sea, such as the Vanguard of Currents, led by Lin Yung-Yu, in the Indo-Pacific. Since Lamp had no heir, he took Lin Yung-Yu in as his godchild because of her brains and bravery. Hand in hand, Lamp taught Lin anything and everything about K.A.M.A. and promoted her to be a staff captain.

At the beginning of the FATE War, K.A.M.A. lost most of their armed ships and gunpowder in the first wave of attack by the M.A.L. LUXURIA. In ruins and remains, Lin assumes leadership and starts to rebuild K.A.M.A., by taking over the destroyed ships on the sea. Over a period of years, under her steady command, the group was able to reconstruct itself to its former glory.

By chance, this independent armada, cruising among oceans, has become the only paradise on earth during the FATE War. Within one year, K.A.M.A. has become as strong as a superpower. In the end, Lin has led K.A.M.A. to grow into one of the few external powers, completely unattached to G.U.N.’s rule and dominating the ocean. His unique G.A.M.E.R. powers allowed the fleet to rapidly rearm and rebuild even with the world torn asunder by conflict.

After the war, K.A.M.A. turned into a self-reliant political entity, free from the G.U.N., in possession of several convoys. Built from some of the largest ships ever constructed, when viewed from the horizon the outline of the Armada resembles a vast mountain range. The main fleet serves as the administration center, constructed with an abundance of official buildings modeled after famous vessels from the Age of Discovery. This unique scene makes it one of the must-see attractions of K.A.M.A.

In K.A.M.A., we can see migratory fish that were once considered extinct, such as yellowfin tuna, in the fishery area. The armada has numerous submarines in its possession, so people can sometimes enjoy diving among coral reefs as the fleet transits the Pacific Ocean.

When it comes to must-eat delicacies in K.A.M.A., seafood from the fishery area are at the top of the list. The seafood harvested here grows in seawater where plastic particles have been filtered out. It is perfectly safe to eat any seafood that comes from K.A.M.A. Clean seafood is a rare luxury in the world, but abundant in the armada.

Moving around with the currents in the Pacific Ocean, K.A.M.A. is a floating land without a fixed location. Isolated from G.U.N.’s rule, K.A.M.A. has its own laws. Their ships come from every corner of the world, including modern European ships and ancient Chinese junk ships.

Enjoying a self-sufficient existence, K.A.M.A. is equipped with boats and ships, big and small, specialized for all kinds of functions. The central area commands the whole fleet and provides energy, the foreign trade area deals with tourism and customs, as well as fishery, aquaculture, and agriculture areas. Since at its core this fleet is an armada, there are also zones for defense facilities and armed military ships.

On K.A.M.A., it is mandatory for all able-bodied citizens to serve in the military. To remain more flexible in case of an attack, there are no designated residential or weapons storage spaces. Rather, arms and turrets are spread out between the whole armada to minimize risk. As for the fleet, K.A.M.A. has a series of warships designed for air and naval strikes. When the situation calls for it, these warships can be detached from the armada for independent military operation.

Ships That Make up KAMA: The flagship and the main power ship are in the center, and they are situated in the highest point of K.A.M.A. Other ships are positioned based on their size and number. In general, the smaller a ship is, the more of them there are and the farther they are away from the center. A detachable energy transfer pipeline system is installed between the main power ship and the rest of the fleet, as well as a robust network of flexible bridges for ease of travel. The following is a brief introduction of the important sections of K.A.M.A.

The Flagship: The highest capital ship in K.A.M.A., this was once BernardLamp’s original vessel, now serving as an upper-class residential area. From the outside, it looks like a city in the mountains, with the fleet command on the top. K.A.M.A. has the only water-cooled massive nuclear fusion engine in the world, which is able to provide plentiful energy for both the civilian and military sections of the fleet.Apart from residence for the Admiral and command staff, the flagship also boasts mansions for the leader of every convoy, guest houses for envoys from G.U.N. or other political entities, as well as world class recreation areas.

The residential areas: Retrofitted from what once were premium cruise ships, these residential units are scattered throughout the flotilla. Each ship can house thousands of residents comfortably.

The agriculture area: An enormous area assembled with cargo ships, on which crops are cultivated along with a limited number of livestock. On the bottom where the ballast water was originally retained, fresh water is now stored.

The fishery and aquaculture area: Situated on the exterior fringe of K.A.M.A., the fishery and aquaculture area is equipped with extensive floating enclosures to raise fish and mollusks. There are also Seine fishing boats, like those used before the FATE War, which can detach from the armada for independent fishing operations.

The industrial zone: While limited in the Armada, over the course of its travels multiple priceless FATE War relics have been recovered. This area of the flotilla is responsible for initial salvage, reverse engineering and maintenance of all FATE related technology.

The foreign trade area: This area is populated by numerous vessels that used to be freight cargo container ships. Retrofitted into massive warehouses, these ships serve as the primary point of entry between foreign ships for trade with people from all over the world and the Armada. While clearing customs in the Armada is notoriously difficult, merchants around the world know that the fleet is one of the most lucrative trading outposts available and are always willing to wait.

Empty mooring berth: Guests or ships with permits to enter can moor in this area, in accordance with the guidance from the harbormaster.

Turrets/defense facilities: As one of the most important pieces of equipment in the organization, such facilities are spread out among the whole armada and are usually made up with railguns, all kinds of missiles and anti-aircraft artillery.

Armed ships: Located on the exterior of the armada, these fleets consist of vessels for air-and-naval operations. When needed, the armed ships can detach from K.A.M.A. to carry out independent military operations.