During the FATE War, FATE unlocked many futuristic technologies and granted permission to his armies to use these devastating weapons, in order to invade and seize the whole world with his Mechanical Angel Legion (M.A.L.).

At the final moment, FATE realized the girl named SE7EN, who pierced him with her blade, was his daughter. In that instant before his death, his mechanical armies disbanded and his hatred dissolved. Unlocking authorities for numerous futuristic military equipment and facilities, FATE sent this extremely confidential information to SE7EN as his last gift. “LAPUNTU: El castillo en el cielo” was the greatest gift he could give her.

Once an impressive flying station operated by Mechanical Angel Legion GREED, LAPUNTU mainly consists of a vertical floating cone, its main body, and three massive leaves serving as combat platforms.

The three platforms were originally designed to carry aircraft and deploy soldiers for combat, so this station essentially served as a massive mobile aircraft carrier during the war.

The main floating cone in the core is capable of creating a supreme G-field, absorbing all wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation and deflecting all known spectra possible, which isolates LAPUNTU from any detection. This active camouflage allows the fairly slow moving station to cross the world undetected by enemies. Assuming the reactor core doesn’t encounter any technical difficulties, the G-field has nearly unlimited sustainability.

After SE7EN learned of the existence of LAPUNTU and its current location in the North Pole, the secret society Cavalon transformed this place into a shelter for G.A.M.E.R.s all over the world thanks to its unbeatable active camouflage. Inside the cone, together with the three platforms, SE7EN began an extensive renovation of the station. LAPUNTU was turned into a mobile base with functional space for living and training, safe from interference by G.U.N. The G.A.M.E.R.s came up with a nickname for LAPUNTU: the Ark.

LAPUNTU, however, is not the only existing fortress with black technology. Above Dragonfall, near Gigapolis Equator in Citivas MODERATIO, there is an abandoned floating city in ruins, causing distortion to surrounding gravity fields.