The spider belly



The core of the east area of Gigapolis Anansi, the capital of Citivas LIBERALITAS, the feminam area is built based on the totem of a spider belly. Meanwhile, this place also ranks as the first world metropolis built from the ground up as an art installation. Transformed from Lagos, the capital of Nigeria of the old time, the feminam area corresponds to the masculum area formed from Accra, the capital of Ghana. This massive 480km wide city is the crown jewel of West Africa.

Nicknamed the City of the Spider, Gigapolis Anansi is located in West Africa. During its initial formation, this city was designed and built by Ghana, Togo, Bénin, and Nigeria. It was based on the core concept of the spider and the belief of Anansi, the god of West Africa.

Since the very day Anansi was completed, this city received great honor. It was designated by UNESCO to be a world cultural heritage site due to the city’s utterly unique layout and architecture. At that time, Anansi was also assessed to be the leading metropolis for modern art by the world’s leading academics.

While the metropolis was still under development, construction was once stopped due to a lack of available capital. Work was not able to resume until Gigacorp AKSUM financed the project with the vast majority of the remaining funds, under one condition. In the downtown, an area must be reserved for Gigacorp AKSUM to be their brand-new headquarters, in the form of the Queen of Sheba, the icon of the gigacorp.

Most people visiting Anansi start their tour with the central business area. This is where most public art and amphitheaters are located. From dawn to dusk, songs and dancing from across the vast African musical tradition are performed. The shows never stop in every business area in the feminam area — This is the place to go if you’d like to witness the debut of a future superstar, with all kinds of amazing music echoing in the wild.

When travelers leave the central business area to explore further into the general administration area, they have a better understanding of the essence of the community culture, which converges from every African country. Locals even refer to Gigapolis Anansi as a miniature Africa.

City Planning: The feminam area is inspired by the local mythology of West Africa and the Nazca totems in South America. The city designer took the bold choice of adopting the original idea of the Nazca lines as part of the city planning, while keeping the cultural feeling of the city distinctly African.

The main city of Gigapolis Anansi is shaped as twin spiders, each looking identical with three main city areas corresponding to the head, chest and belly. The eight main lines extending outwards are reminiscent of four pairs of spider legs. When viewed from space, its shape is obvious.

The feminam area is laid out thusly:

The Spider Belly: This is a giant power plant reacting with nuclear fusion, which provides the inhabitants clean and ample energy. In the meantime, the Spider Belly is also the core for local economics and business.

High-End Residential Area: A group of modern buildings constructed with high technology after the war. Residents who live or pass by here have a higher Citizen Development Index. The interior design is a collage of various structure styles of the old time, known for its aesthetics and diversity.

Face of Sheba: Under the control of Gigacorp AKSUM, Gigapolis Anansi houses the company’s headquarters. Therefore, in the center of the Spider Belly, a massive mask colossus is built in the form of the Queen of Sheba, which can only be seen clearly when looked down on from above.

Residential areas: Every residential area has its own unique culture and features. The social order varies from district to district. In these areas, we can see buildings with vibrant colors and a short-distance transportation system elevated high in the air.

Administration Towers: Every residential district owns one that is accompanied with powerful images from local African cultures.

Main Lines Leading Outwards: The eight main lines, or legs, lead outwards and are connected to the Administration Area. These legs serve as the main mass transit system for the city, leading directly to the core downtown areas. If one looks down at the main lines with the Spider Belly, the feminam resembles the Nazca Lines composition of a spider.