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  • Eseka


    Very good sound quaility

    SPAIN 05/11/2022
  • Видеообзоры

    • Very good sound quaility

    • I'm interested in the white gaming device ROG Moonlight White: ......!

    • [Review] The computer desk area of a girl living alone! I met a god device [ASUS].

    • I am delighted with the final set up, I love the aesthetics and the white components which I find very elegant. Special mention to the portable 16 inch ROG Strix, personally I am using it for portable consoles because it is very convenient to move around but also when travelling. The moonlight white peripherals then complete the set up in a minimalist way.

  • Медиаобзоры

    • ASUS ROG Cetra II Core ML является достойным выбором для геймеров, благодаря высокому качества звука, удобной посадке и повседневной надежности


      RUSSIA 09/03/2021
    • ASUS ROG Cetra II Core Moonlight White in-ear gaming headphones Review is a great choice for people who wants a white headphones with gaming style. The headphones are great for mobile gaming, console gaming and even computer gaming with it’s 3.5mm connector.


      SINGAPORE 11/14/2021
    • The device’s ability to handle gaming sound was demonstrated by connecting to various consoles, and it performed brilliantly across the board. On PC, Valorant came through loud and clear; on mobile, the peripheral performed even better.


      SINGAPORE 09/14/2021
    • ROGゲーミングデバイスに白基調カラーの「MOONLIGHT WHITE」 登場! 全4モデルをチェック


      JAPAN 09/23/2021
    • I want to fortify my desktop with the popular white color! Try the ROG Moonlight White series from ASUS

      ITmedia PC USER

      JAPAN 11/07/2021

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