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ROG Sica

Kompakt och ambidexter mus med ökat klickmotstånd

  • Utformad med hjälp av synpunkter från professionella spelare, för garanterad prestanda och estetik
  • De vänstra och högra knapparna är skilda från huvuddelen, för bättre respons
  • Utbytbar brytarsockel för anpassningsbart klickmotstånd
  • Inbyggt flashminne för att spara dina favoritprofiler
  • Exklusivt ROG Armoury-gränssnitt för enkel knappanpassning, prestanda och ljusinställningar.
  • 5 000 DPI, 130 ips, 30 g acceleration och en USB-uppdateringsfrekvens på 1 000 Hz, för snabb musstyrning med millimeterprecision
  • Tillgänglig i vitt och svart

Product Image

    What is ROG Sica?

    ROG Sica is crafted to withstand the demands of marathon MOBA gaming, and is designed with input from pro-gaming teams like Taipei Assassins. This ambidextrous 5000 DPI optical gaming mouse optimizes click responsiveness by having the buttons independent of the mouse body, and is especially suited for those with a fingertip grip. ROG Sica's exclusive easy-swap switchable socket design even lets you customize click resistance, and it features upgraded Omron® switches with 20-million-click durability. The latest ROG Sica features a glossy Glacier White finish. ROG makes sure you get the most out of your games.

    View white Sica | View black Sica
    View white Sica | View black Sica
    • ROG Sica Ambidextrous design

      Ambidextrous design

    • ROG Sica 5000 DPI optical sensor

      5000 DPI optical sensor

    • ROG Sica Fingertip grip

      Fingertip grip

    • ROG Sica Gold-plated USB 2.0

      Gold-plated USB 2.0

    • ROG Sica Durable, low friction Teflon feet

      Durable, low friction Teflon feet

    Why are ROG Sica's buttons more responsive than others?

    ROG Sica features left and right buttons that are separated from the mouse body. This reduces the click force and travel distance required for button actuation to give faster and more tactile button response.

    ROG Sica with better responsiveness

    Shorter =
    Better responsiveness

    Exclusive easy-swap switch sockets

    ROG Sica features an exclusive easy-swap switchable socket design for easy upgrades.  All you have to do is unscrew two bottom screws to release the top cover to gain access to the sockets. And from here, it's simply a matter of swapping out the switches for customized click resistance.

    ROG Sica with easy-swap switch socket

    Glide with extreme precision

    ROG Sica has a 5000 DPI PMW3310 optical sensor that's adjustable in increments of 50 DPI for extreme precision. Capable of tracking speeds of up to 130-inches per second and 30g of acceleration, ROG Sica lets you strike at enemies with blinding speed and pixel-perfect accuracy.

    ROG Sica with 5000 DPI optical sensor

    Customized for battle with ROG Armoury

    ROG Sica has built-in flash memory to store your favorite profiles; it also features the innovative Armoury software – letting you customize button functions, performance and logo light effects to get the most out of ROG Sica.

    ROG Sica with Built-in flash memory
    ROG Sica interface
    ROG Sica interface

    ROG Sica iconThe story behind Sica

    Since the debut of our magnificent Maximus motherboard, ROG has steadily expanded its gaming line-up to ensure you get the most out of your games. Today, ROG Sica joins our gaming empire. The Sica was a short, curved sword used in Ancient Rome. It proved to be a formidable weapon, and was effective in battle. Now it's your turn to wield the Sica to write your own legendary chapter in gaming.

    Behind the Design

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