A long list of long-awaited games from legendary developers is slated to release in 2020. Between Bethesda’s Doom Eternal, Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx, and CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, the new year is shaping up to be an excellent time for an upgrade to your gaming rig. At our CES 2020 showcase, we’re pulling the wraps off a wide range of new hardware for gamers of every stripe. We have the gaming laptops, potent desktops, tricked-out monitors, and customizable peripherals you need to get ready.

Below, you’ll find an overview of all the new ROG products that we’re announcing at CES 2020. Follow the product links for in-depth coverage of each item. For information on all the new ASUS and TUF Gaming products breaking cover at CES, head over to the Edge Up website.

A new era of portable gaming

The original ROG Zephyrus shattered all expectations for ultra-slim gaming notebooks, proving that high-end PC gaming experiences truly can come in portable packages. The new ROG Zephyrus G14 raises the bar yet again. Its unmistakable personalization options, exclusive 4th-generation AMD Ryzen CPUs, slimmed-down chassis, and innovative cooling system set it apart from the competition.


It’s no exaggeration to call the G14 an ultraportable gaming powerhouse. Just 17.9mm thin, the 14” laptop slips without fuss into a satchel or backpack, and as it weighs as little as 1.6kg, you’ll hardly even notice its weight. Maintaining the G14’s gaming credentials in such a svelte chassis required some careful engineering.

The laptop’s slim profile and trim figure will attract some attention, but it’s the innovative AniMe Matrix display on the Zephyrus G14’s lid that’s the real conversation starter. 1,215 white mini LEDs across the lid give you an unprecedented level of personalization options. The AniMe Matrix can show graphics, custom animations, and animated GIFs with a retro feel, and even display visualizations that react in real-time to music.

A comprehensive suite of innovative cooling technologies allow us to equip the G14 with potent gaming hardware. Custom-designed n-Blade fans with 81 liquid crystal polymer blades quietly move a high volume of cool over the G14’s array of dense heatsinks, while anti-dust channels slow down the accumulation of dust inside the chassis. We adapted our innovative ErgoLift display hinge for the G14, taking advantage of the way this hinge raises the rear of the chassis for an improved typing experience and better airflow to the laptop’s intake vents.

All together, this cooling system proved more than up to the challenge of keeping AMD’s latest Ryzen processors and NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX graphics cards cool and performing optimally. The G14 features 4th-generation AMD Ryzen Mobile processors built on a leading-edge 7-nm process node. These chips are ideal for multitasking and heavily-threaded applications, yet with high enough clock speeds to deliver snappy performance in games and daily tasks.

To complement these potent processors, we turned to NVIDIA’s GeForce GPUs, up to a GeForce RTX 2060. As this GPU is equally capable at churning out dizzyingly-high frame rates in esports titles and delivering smooth high-resolution gaming, we offer models with two different screen types: one with a speedy 120Hz refresh rate and one with a WQHD 2560x1440 resolution display. For the first time in our laptops, gamers can enjoy AMD FreeSync variable-refresh-rate technology with NVIDIA GeForce discrete graphics, thanks to the integrated Radeon graphics processor in 4th-generation Ryzen Mobile CPUs.

The new mainstream gaming laptop

Here at ROG, we’re committed to making a high-end gaming accessible for everyone. For the new ROG Zephyrus G15, we take features once reserved for premium systems and bring them to a mainstream audience.


The fun starts with AMD’s all-new Ryzen 7 4800HS. This 8-core, 16-thread CPU lets the G15 tackle everything from high-end gaming to 3D rendering with aplomb. With an NVIDIA graphics card up to a GeForce RTX 2060, the G15 is more than ready for today’s games, especially with its gamer-focused display. Equipped with AMD FreeSync and a refresh rate up to 240Hz, the display is ideal for today’s competitive esports titles.

The Zephyrus G15 is especially well-suited for people who need their notebook to do more than sit on a desk and play games. They need a partner ready to travel at a moment’s notice and perform, whether it’s for work, school, or play. Not only does the G15 offer surprising battery life, but it supports USB Type-C charging. Whether you’re out and about or at home, Wi-Fi 6 will ensure that the G15 can take advantage of the latest innovations in wireless networking.

Gaming hardware at its full potential

PC gaming began on desktop computers, and even to this day it’s hard to beat the versatility and sheer power of a desktop PC. Our new ROG Strix GA35 and Strix GT35 desktops deliver the potent hardware, comprehensive cooling, and customizability that define the high-end PC experience.


The Strix GA35 features AMD’s latest Ryzen processors, up to the 16-core, 32-thread Ryzen 9 3950X. Seated in our ROG Strix X570-F Gaming motherboard alongside up to 64GB of DDR4-3200 RAM, this processor offers blistering performance in heavily-threaded applications and particularly excels at multitasking. Coming later in 2020, the Strix GT35 will feature Intel’s 10th-generation Core processors. Graphics card options from NVIDIA up to an ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti complete the package.

Modern hardware opportunistically takes advantage of available power and thermal headroom to increase performance, so we established a comprehensive cooling solution for the GA35 and GT35 that enables the processor and graphics card to reach their full potential. The case is subdivided into three cooling zones that separate the CPU, graphics card, and power supply, an arrangement that prevents one component’s heat from affecting the performance potential of the others. A liquid cooling loop with a 240-mm radiator keeps CPU temperatures low, while wide air vents cleverly integrated into our Wind Shear chassis design keep fresh air available to all components. All told, the cooling system is so efficient that the total system noise level never exceeded 35 db in our internal gaming tests.


For the new ROG Strix GA15 and Strix GT15 desktops, our design team focused on gaming fundamentals to create powerful machines at a more attainable price point. Both the GA15 and GT15 employ NVIDIA graphics cards up to the potent GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER, a GPU equally at home churning out the high frame rates that esports fanatics demand and at delivering high-resolution gaming experiences. The GA15 will feature AMD processors up to a Ryzen 7 3800X, while the GT15 will use upcoming Intel 10th Gen Core processors.

All this hardware resides inside a chassis that’s both practical and eye-catching. Wide vents guide cool air into two separate cooling zones inside the case. An integrated handle makes it easy to transport the GA15 and GT15 safely, while a cleverly-hidden headphone hook keeps your setup clutter-free. A gaming desktop shouldn’t be all business, though, so we integrated a glass side panel that exposes the RGB LED-illuminated interior.

A display for every gamer

Monitor technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Today’s gamers have access to a broad array of immersive technologies ranging from 4K resolutions to ultra-high refresh rates, from high-dynamic-range (HDR) visuals to variable-refresh-rate technologies. Our latest fleet of ROG monitors offers a potent blend of these innovations to every gamer.


For the ROG Swift PG32UQX, we set out to create the ultimate 4K HDR gaming monitor. A 32” display is a whole lot of monitor, but the PG32UQX’s 4K resolution keeps visuals crisp and sharp. As a VESA DisplayHDR 1400-certified display, this monitor produces cutting-edge HDR content thanks to its full-array local dimming backlight. This combination of a 4K resolution and HDR visuals is potent enough, but we went a step further and added variable refresh rates up to 144Hz and support for 10-bit color throughout the entire refresh rate range. The PG32UQX’s G-SYNC ULTIMATE certification means it’ll deliver impeccably smooth HDR visuals with astonishing color reproduction even as a game’s frame rates vary over time.


Perhaps you’re looking at your gaming desk and thinking that a 32” display just doesn’t quite fill all the space you have available. In that case, the ROG Swift PG43UQ and its 43” of screen real estate might satisfy you. Like the PG32UQX, the PG43UQ can deliver 4K content at 144Hz and in 10-bit color, and its VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certification indicates it’s primed and ready for some of the best HDR gaming and entertainment experiences available. It supports VESA Adaptive-Sync, as well, so it’ll synchronize its refresh rate with the delivered frame rate of compatible graphics cards to ensure smooth, tear-free gaming without the compromises of Vsync.


For professional gamers and competitive enthusiasts alike, one of the most important specs of any display is its refresh rate. These gamers use carefully-assembled rigs and optimized game settings to ensure that they’re achieving the stratospheric frame rates that give them a competitive edge in frenetic online battlegrounds. For these gamers, we’ve developed the ROG Swift 360Hz, a monitor with an unparalleled 360Hz refresh rate. This monitor refreshes at a rate that has to be seen to be believed: a full 50% faster than even 240Hz displays. It’s no stretch to call it the world’s fastest gaming monitor.


We have quite a treat for the frequent travelers in the Republic of Gamers, too. The ROG Strix XG17AHP is a fully portable 17.3” IPS display that’s slim enough to slip into your laptop bag, yet it comes packed with the display features that you’ve come to expect while gaming. Its 3ms response time and 240Hz refresh rate mean that it’ll serve up new frames as quickly as your GPU can produce them, and VESA Adaptive-Sync technology will ensure that those frames are presented smoothly. Our SmartCover will keep the display protected while it’s in your bag and serve as a display stand on the go, while the optional Tripod stand will give you many more options for deploying the XG17AHP at home or on the road.

Take the power back


Your gaming display has the all-important job of immersing you in your games, but your keyboard and mouse are your tools for controlling the battlefield. Our new ROG Strix Scope TKL Deluxe is a gaming-first keyboard that puts your hands in a prime position for victory. It’s a tenkeyless deck that dispenses with the numpad in order to reduce the distance between your hands. Not only is this a more ergonomic position for most folks, but it’ll also open up more room on your desk for mouse movement. The Scope TKL Deluxe will ship with a wide variety of Cherry MX switches, and it’ll bring distinctive lighting effects to your desk with its per-key RGB LED lighting, backlight ROG logo, and customizable front-edge light bar.


No other controller even comes close to the speed and precision of a gaming mouse. Our new mice implement the latest technologies to deliver the control, customizability, and style that today’s gamers expect. The ROG Chakram is an innovative wireless mouse with unique controls and powerful hardware. On the left side, you’ll find a dual-mode thumbstick that opens up new, convenient control opportunities. Under the hood, a 16,000 DPI competition-class optical sensor gives you an astonishing 400 inch-per-second accuracy, making sure that all your movements translate to the game, even during the most frantic moments.

The ROG Strix Impact II Wireless takes a successful formula and dials it up even further. We improved on the original by upgrading its sensor to a 16,000 DPI unit and adding support for high-quality wireless connectivity. By using a 2.4GHz radio frequency link, we were able to provide the low latency and excellent range necessary for gaming while retaining excellent battery life.


The third in our trio of new gaming mice is the ROG Pugio II, an ambidextrous mouse that could find a home on just about any gamer’s desk. With its 16,000 DPI optical sensor, it has unimpeachable gaming credentials. Left-handed gamers will appreciate that its side buttons are fully customizable. Since they’re held in place by magnets, it’s easy to switch the placement of the side buttons, or remove them entirely and replace them with bundled covers.

A wireless headset for a new generation of devices

strix go-4

Gamers across the world are embracing the freedom of wireless headsets, ditching the old cords that used to tie them to their devices. The Strix Go 2.4 offers low-latency, high-quality audio inside a comfortable, convenient design. A lag-free 2.4GHz RF link delivers audio to a pair of 40mm ASUS Essence drivers that produce clean audio with deep bass. A USB-C wireless transceiver makes it easy to connect the Strix Go 2.4 to a Nintendo Switch or any of today’s USB-C equipped phones. Bundled 3.5mm and USB 2.0 adapters ensure connectivity with just about any other gaming device. When you’re playing with your squad, attach the AI-powered noise-canceling boom mic. Even against a noisy background, it’ll deliver clear audio to your teammates thanks to a proprietary algorithm trained on a massive database of background noise signatures.