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ROG Chariot Gaming Chair

ROG Chariot RGB gaming chair in racing car style featuring memory foam lumbar support, 4D armrests, tilt mechanism and durable class 4 gas lift

  • Integrated ASUS Aura RGB illumination with multiple effects and colors for vibrant and dynamic gaming experiences
  • Intuitive one-touch controller to easily switch between Aura RGB colors and effects
  • Ergonomic design with high-density foam headrest and memory-foam lumbar cushion for ultimate comfort
  • 4D-adjustable armrest and up to 155°-recline backrest, plus articulated tilt mechanism to increase gaming immersion
  • Breathable and smooth leatherette finish enables better airflow for cool comfort during the long gaming sessions
  • Convenient rear hooks infused with ROG’s gaming style and spirit
  • Constructed from tactile leatherette and high-density, cold-cure foam for superb durability
  • Superior safety provided by all-steel frame, Class 4 gas lift, durable PU casters and aluminum-alloy, five-star base

Video recenzia

High quality product, beautiful and very comfortable!

The part that I liked the most was the neck support. In general, the arched neck supports cannot be fixed, they have to be adjusted manually each time, but the neck support in ROG Chariot has a mechanism and there is no need to touch it after adjusting it as you wish.

Asus ROG Chariot RGB has been the best gaming chair I have ever used with its 4D adjustable arm support, neck and waist support made of memory foam, RGB lighting, comfortable and solid structure.

ASUS has done something really enjoyable, beautiful and amazing.

It is a high-end gaming chair with very good quality, good material quality and nothing has been spared.

Crafted for Comfort.
Born to Glow.

ROG Chariot Gaming Chair evokes the style and sensation of taking the driving seat of high-end racing car, with integrated Aura RGB illumination for pole-position aesthetics. With memory-foam head and lumbar support, breathable PU leather, 4D-adjustable armrests, lockable tilt mechanism and highly-durable components, Chariot cossets you in safe, comfortable style – and empowers you to project your own personality in any gaming arena.

Aura RGB Lighting

Illuminate ROG Chariot in up to eight striking colors and with seven preset effects, through the integrated infinity mirror and rear-side ROG logo. Your light show's brightness can be set at one of three intensity levels, and is easily managed by an IPX4 splash-proof intuitive one-touch controller. Just attach your own power bank*, and light your way to victory.

* Power bank not included.
  • Rainbow Rainbow
  • Breathing Breathing
  • Color cycle Color Cycle
  • Wave Wave
  • Glowing Yo-Yo Glowing Yo-Yo
  • Strobing Strobing
  • Static Static

Intuitive One-Touch Controller

TUF H370 Plus Gaming
TUF H370 Plus Gaming
  • Aura RGB Speed

    Press repeatedly to cycle chosen effect through slow, medium or fast rendition.
  • Aura RGB Brightness

    Press repeatedly to cycle through three brightness levels, to fit the ambience.
  • Aura RGB Lighting

    Press repeatedly to cycle between preset effects, or power the Aura RGB LEDs on or off.
  • Aura RGB Color

    Press repeatedly to cycle through eight striking colors.
  • Aura RGB Speed

    Press repeatedly to cycle chosen effect through slow, medium or fast rendition.
  • Aura RGB Brightness

    Press repeatedly to cycle through three brightness levels, to fit the ambience.
  • Aura RGB Lighting

    Press repeatedly to cycle between preset effects, or power the Aura RGB LEDs on or off.
  • Aura RGB Color

    Press repeatedly to cycle through eight striking colors.

Power Bank Pouch

ROG Chariot includes a smart pouch to protect and stow your power bank. Integrated back-panel loops makes it simple to attach to your Chariot, and it's quick to detach when you need to grab your battery and go.

Crafted for Comfort

ROG Chariot delivers ergonomic comfort from top to bottom. With the memory-foam adjustable headrest and removable lumbar support, it aims to provide the best comfort.

Memory-Foam Headrest

The memory-foam headrest slides easily up and down for perfect positioning – a first for a dedicated gaming chair.

Memory-Foam Lumbar Support

The placement of the generously-padded, memory-foam lumbar support can be quickly adjusted – and it can even be removed if you prefer to press right back into your Chariot.

4D Adjustable Armrests

With effortless control you can infinitely adjust the height, depth, horizontal position and angle of either armrest, so it's easy to set the perfect support for you.

Tilt, Rock or Lock

Unhitch the lock and Chariot will tilt and rock in tune with your body, keeping you comfortably cradled as your immersion increases.

Raise, Drop or Recline

It takes just a moment to alter your sitting position from upright to up to 145° reclined and vice versa, so you can go from relaxed to alert in the blink of an eye. You can also lift or drop the height to match your frame – so find your perfect position and lock it in!

Hang Out, Game On

The rear of ROG Chariot sports convenient fabric straps, adorned with signature ROG cybertext pattern, with woven loops to suspend your favorite gaming kit. There's also a quick-release, hook-and-fastener loop, providing the perfect place to store a backpack, headset or other lightweight gaming gear.

* The maximum supported load is 2 kg.

Designed for Comfort.
Built to Last.

ROG Chariot's high-density, cold-cure foam is enrobed in durable, PU leather, providing intense comfort that's both breathable and easy to clean. It's supported by an all-steel frame that's designed to go the distance, and mounted on PU-coated casters for smooth shifting with minimal risk of floor damage.

Made Strong.
Engineered for Safety.

To keep you safe, ROG Chariot employs only high-quality components. The five-star base is manufactured from a strong aluminum alloy for stable support, while the Class 4 gas lift is a top-rated component – so it's tough enough to deal with everyday life.



Chariot wider seat base

*The availability of wider seat base version depends on country or region.

Compare ROG Chariot Series

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ROG Chariot

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ROG Chariot Core

Aura RGB Lighting V -
Lighting Controller V -
Power Bank Pouch V -
Cybertext Straps V -
Rear Hook V V
Adjustable Memory-Foam Headrest V V
Detachable Memory-Foam Lumbar Support V V


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