Subzero Sense

ROG engineers designed Subzero Sense with hardcore overclockers who play with liquid nitrogen in mind. Unless you already have a costly digital thermometer, determining just how cold system components get when overclocking with LN2 can be difficult. With Subzero Sense, simply connect a K-type thermocouple header to the included ports on the motherboard and get an accurate read of not just your CPU and GPU, but wherever you point the probes to. This can save some serious cash, as a 2 port digital thermometer can run upwards of $460, making Subzero Sense a boon for overclockers who can put that money towards other hardware. It is available on Extreme series motherboards and the OC Panel.


SubZero Sense on the OC Panel

Subzero Sense

The Subzero Sense socket sits next to the SATA ports on the Rampage IV Extreme.

Subzero Sense being used in conjunction with OC Key: subzero-sense-oc-key
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