CrossChill Hybrid Cooler

The new CrossChill Hybrid Cooler is an ROG Exclusive design. Evolving from the several years of research by ROG in combining enthusiast water-cooling and great air-cooling, the CrossChill is a distillation of that expertise.

Great on air. 23°C Cooler with water.

Choose between air or water cooling: it works with both! Unlike competing hybrid thermal solutions for motherboard VRMs, CrossChill requires no fan, so there's zero noise, no dust build-up or potential failure. For those who do venture into water-cooling, you can achieve up to 23˚C lower MOSFET temperatures for more stable overclocking, without needing to buy an additional and expensive waterblock! Internally the water channel fins help to maximize the surface area for heat transfer, and thanks to its G1/4 threaded fittings, CrossChill even fits into any existing water-cooling setup. For those concerned about mixing an aluminum block with a copper watercooling system - don't be - ROG anodizes the surface sufficiently so that it can withstand 216 hours of salt spray testing, which is equivalent to 3 years of galvanic corrosion exposure. ASUS-M6F-P3_b
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