ASUS DirectCU Technology

ASUS has invested in its DirectCU cooling technology for a few generations of graphics cards and it extends from ROG series Matrix and MARS all the way down through its custom designed series dubbed DirectCU.

DirectCU technology puts flattened copper heatpipes in direct contact with the GPU core, which then efficiently draws the heat away into a tightly packed fin-stack directly underneath the fan(s).

At the high-end the DirectCU II technology invokes a dual fan design with twin heatsinks, providing up to 600% more air than stock coolers to give a 20% cooler card than reference designs, creating additional overclocking headroom.


For mainstream graphics cards a single fan cools under the DirectCU brand, while SilentCU designs work with large heatsinks to passively and silently cool graphics cards in environments that are particularly sound sensitive like offices or home theaters.

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