Poseidon Hybrid Cooler

Air or water? Your choice to chill!

The ROG Poseidon hybrid air and water cooler was designed entirely by ROG engineers to give users the freedom of choice between air cooling to water cooling with minimum effort and without affecting the benefits and looks of its ROG design.


The first generation Poseidon hybrid cooler was shown at Computex 2013, and through 6 months further testing and optimization, later evolved into the second generation when launched as a retail product with the hybrid cooler branded as the 'DirectCU H2O'.


Liquid cooling has been a choice for many PC enthusiast as a efficient means of heat removal and increased overclocking potential of carefully selected hardware. However, custom water cooling solutions can be difficult and costly, as original cooling solutions have to be removed and fitted with waterblocks. The current generation ROG Poseidon works by combining a copper vapor chamber that spreads the heat efficiently with water channel and DirectCU designed heatsink.


While air cooled the DirectCU H2O provides 7°C cooler temperatures than the reference design, those that venturing into liquid cooling can reduce GPU temperatures by up to 24°C to push overclocking even further!

The Poseidon water channels support standard G1/4-inch threaded fittings, matching it perfectly to almost all PC water cooling hardware.




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