ROG Pulse

A feature requested by extreme overclockers, but useful for everyone; the ROG logo now actively pulses during your BIOS travels, clearly indicating that your system is still working just fine!

Extreme Tweaker copy

Last Modified Log

If you've ever spent a considerable amount of time in the BIOS before, you'll know its easy to forget the changes made deep in the sub-menus. At any time the Last Modified Log can be called on to review the changed made. last modifed copy   Also, before the muscle memory hits F10-Enter, now the 'Last Modified Log' will appear detailing every change made so you can review it before confirming the changes. last modified(before leaving BIOS) copy

My Favorites

Now you can add custom functions to the F3 favorites menu by pressing F4 or right clicking on the mouse, in order to access them quickly every time you enter the BIOS. my favorite copy

Quick Note

Create notes so you can track your tweaking progress between restarts. quick note copy

F12 BIOS snapshot

 Hit the F12 button at anytime to record a snapshot of current screen in the UEFI BIOS. This allows easy sharing of settings with friends in discussion forums and online communities.


F3 Shortcut

Hit the F3 button at anytime to popup a shortcut menu to the most popular enthusiast settings. F3-Shortcut


With 4-8 memory and up to 4 PCI-Express slots it can be difficult and time consuming to single out a problematic DIMM or graphics card. The GPU.DIMM Post section clearly shows exactly which graphics cards and memory DIMMs are detected and working correctly, and which are not, meaning you can easily identify and swap out problem parts. This function has been updated for 2013 motherboards. GPU DIMM post(with GPU) copy

Secure Erase

Recover lost performance and get your speed back! SSD performance degrades with time due to overwrite action. ROG is the world’s first motherboard brand to integrate SSD Secure Erase into UEFI BIOS for better compatibility and easier use, offering the best removal method to completely delete all data on an SSD to recover lost performance and restore factory speeds.  

CPU Level Up

Let the motherboard upgrade your CPU performance to equal one more expensive, at just the touch of a button.
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