Gaming Laptop Sound Technologies

2.1 Sound Experience

The G75 and G750 notebooks are fitted with a set of stereo speakers plus larger bass speaker - the Bass Eye - to deliver a wider dynamic range and fuller sounding audio. bass-speaker

Headphone Amplifier

The G750 is fitted with a headphone amplifier that provides additional punch to bass and a wider dynamic range when a headset or headphones are plugged into the 3.5mm jack. headphone-amp

ROG AudioWizard & MaxxAudio Software

The AudioWizard software offers five simple pre-sets that can optimize the audio EQ for different types of entertainment or games. Pressing the maximize button expands the software to reveal the MaxxAudio advanced EQ tweaking. Professional users can enjoy tweaking more precise frequency ranges to get the exact sound they prefer. AudioWizard and MaxxAudio are bundled with G750 gaming laptops. maxxaudio
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