The ROG Pugio II is an upgraded go-anywhere, do-anything gaming mouse

Jan 06, 2020 Written by:ROG Article

A lot of gaming peripherals are hits because they specialize. They target one genre of game, a particular use case, or an aesthetic preference. The new ROG Pugio II is a jack-of-all-trades, but it covers all the bases so well that you may find it outperforms the one-trick ponies out there.


It helps that the Pugio II is built around a completely modern 16,000 DPI sensor that can keep its focus even under acceleration of up to 40g and movement rates of up to 400 inches per second. Tapping into the sensor’s potential is effortless thanks to a host of customizable features that make the mouse behave just the way you want.

Choose between wireless technologies, configurable side buttons, personalized badges, socketed switches, and RGB light zones. No matter how you need your mouse to work, it’s likely that the Pugio II can deliver.

Pick a side and then switch

A lot of mice may call themselves ambidextrous, but in reality, they put action buttons in places where only right-handed users can click them. The ROG Pugio II is truly ambidextrous. Its shape is comfortable to hold, regardless of your dominant hand. Most importantly, it sports a pair of magnetic buttons on the left and right sides. Rather than leaving all four of them exposed, bundled covers allow you to hide the pair you don’t plan to use, preventing accidental clicks.


The Pugio II lets you change up the way you connect to PCs, too. It comes with a light and flexible two-meter cable if you want to go the wired route. This cable will also charge the mouse's internal battery, keeping the unit ready for action for those times when you want the mouse to operate wirelessly. Even with its RGB LEDs on, the Pugio II offers excellent battery life in wireless mode, delivering up to 40 hours of endurance in our tests. When the internal battery runs out of juice, plugging in via USB tops off the Pugio II in under two hours.

Alternatively, you can pop the included 2.4GHz RF dongle into an available USB port and take advantage of the Pugio II’s built-in radio. In that mode, a 1000Hz polling rate complements the mouse’s high-end sensor for competition-grade responsiveness. Thanks to SmartHop technology, the Pugio II scans the radio frequency spectrum a thousand times every second to identify and avoid the congestion and interference that’s common in the 2.4GHz band. This enables it to switch to the cleanest channels seamlessly and in real time, ensuring a strong, stable connection no matter where you go or what other devices are broadcasting around you.

It’s even possible to hook our Pugio II up to devices without USB if you need to. Simply switch over to Bluetooth mode and fly dongle-free. You’ll get up to 100 hours of battery life without the lights on in this mode—perfect for productivity or living-room use in a pinch.

You’ve done something with the place

We ship the Pugio II with an ROG badge installed in the palm rest. It’s backlit by RGB lighting, clearly proclaiming your allegiance to the world. Of course, we’re proud of that default design, but we also want you to make the Pugio II your own. That’s why we include a blank badge that you can customize with your own icon or logo. Once you’ve applied a design of your own to use, simply remove the outer shell, swap in the new logo plate, and admire your handiwork.


From there, you can fire up our Armoury II software and configure the Pugio II’s surface calibration settings, map its buttons, and switch between the three built-in profiles. There’s also an interface for personalizing the three available lighting zones. You can adjust the color of the scroll wheel, palm rest logo, and underbody lighting independently, or launch our Aura Sync utility to integrate the Pugio II’s RGB LEDs with your other Aura-capable components.

If you need to choose a custom DPI when you’re away from a system with Armoury II installed, worry not. The Pugio II includes DPI-On-The-Scroll, a unique feature that lets you adjust sensitivity quickly and precisely without software. Just press and hold the DPI button and spin the scroll wheel to set the sensitivity anywhere in the sensor’s range. The RGB LED lighting will change to indicate the DPI level you’ve chosen. Alternatively, just click the button to cycle through four preset DPI levels.

Our exclusive push-fit switch socket design lets you customize the feel of the mouse buttons, too. By default, the Pugio II includes Omron D2FC-F-K switches rated for 50 million clicks. We include an extra pair of Japanese-made Omron D2F-01Fs in the accessory case. But you can use any Omron D2F- or D2FC-series switch to change the Pugio II’s operating force and feedback, or to bring new life to a button that feels worn out.

A high-performance foundation waiting for your custom touch

The ROG Pugio II is based on a cutting-edge optical sensor. Its left and right buttons employ a pivoted pre-tension mechanism for fast response and accurate performance. We include high-end switches characterized by a clean yet tactile feel. Excellence is built into this mouse’s DNA.

But the customization options are what make the Pugio II so universally attractive. You’re able to change its button layout, swap its switches, coordinate its lighting with the rest of your PC, and even toggle between three different connection technologies.

The Pugio II is a true jack-of-all-trades, and you can see it for yourself at ASUS’ CES 2020 showcase at the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort and Casino. To arrange a tour, or for more information regarding pricing and availability in your region, contact your local ASUS representative.

by Paul Cross