The ROG Swift PG43UQ delivers no-compromise 144Hz 4K gaming

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Jan 06, 2020 Written by:ROG Article

Exciting developments in display technology over the past few years have led to a golden age of gaming monitors. Today’s gamers can experience digital worlds at ultra-high resolutions, in high dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamuts, at blazing-fast refresh rates, and with the enviable image quality and smoothness provided by variable refresh rates. The ROG Swift PG43UQ brings all of these technologies together to deliver an enviably capable and immersive gaming experience. 

VESA Display Stream Compression (DSC) support lets the PG43UQ display 4K content at 144Hz with full per-pixel color data, even at the 10-bit color depth often required for HDR content. NVIDIA G-SYNC variable refresh rate technology allows the 43” PG43UQ to synchronize its refresh rate with the output from compatible graphics cards for a clearer, smoother, and more responsive gaming experience. And VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certification means the PG43UQ is ready to deliver true HDR gaming with deeper blacks, brighter whites, and richer colors than standard dynamic range monitors can produce.


Journey to the 4K frontier

Of all the variables PC gamers can control, the display resolution is arguably the most important for achieving a sense of realism. On low-resolution monitors, each pixel is visible, and the blockiness of the images on those monitors tells our brains that we’re looking at a screen rather than the real world. A 4K monitor displays games and video with incredible clarity and detail, and it also ensures that even a large display like the PG43UQ will look crisp at all times.

Getting a 4K 144Hz HDR signal with full per-pixel color information to the display requires more bandwidth than even a single DisplayPort cable can provide, however. One widely-used solution to this limitation, chroma subsampling, takes advantage of the fact that our eyes are more sensitive to differences in brightness than differences in color to optimize the use of bandwidth, enabling high-refresh-rate 4K gaming experiences with minimal reduction in fidelity. Chroma subsampling generally isn’t noticeable in moving images like games, but some users might notice a slight reduction in text clarity on the desktop. 


The PG43UQ’s DSC support means that gamers no longer have to make even that minimal compromise when they crank the refresh rate of their 4K display up to 144Hz. DSC allows a video card to send high-refresh-rate, high-resolution display streams over a single cable without the need for chroma subsampling. VESA carefully developed DSC using a group of human observers to ensure that the compressed signal is indistinguishable from an uncompressed one, so even high-contrast material like text will remain crisp and clear at all times on the PG43UQ.

We’re committed to delivering the best HDR gaming experiences around, and you don’t have to take our word for it. We offer the largest number of VESA DisplayHDR 1000-certified displays in the industry, and the PG43UQ puts another jewel in our crown. This display’s compliance with the demanding DisplayHDR 1000 standard means you’ll experience bright flashes of light and deep shadows in games with uncanny realism. The PG43UQ also supports the wide DCI-P3 color gamut, allowing games, movies, and photos to look more lifelike than ever. 

A refresh rate as fast as your reflexes

Gamers insist on playing at the highest resolution their graphics card can handle, but they also demand displays with high refresh rates for a smooth, immersive gaming experience. A 60FPS frame rate paired with a 60Hz display was the gold standard in PC gaming for many years, but advances in both graphics card performance and display technology have opened new horizons. 


The PG43UQ’s dizzying 144Hz refresh rate displays a new frame more than twice as many times per second as older 60Hz monitors, giving gamers a competitive edge in multiplayer titles and a buttery-smooth experience in slower-paced single-player games. Even better, the display’s 1ms MPRT ensures that images are always clear, even in the most heated action sequences.

NVIDIA G-SYNC support means the PG43UQ can synchronize its refresh rate with the output from compatible graphics cards, even as frame rates naturally vary during gameplay. This technology eliminates the ugly screen tearing that used to plague gamers using fixed-refresh displays, and it does so without the compromises of Vsync. The result: impeccably smooth visuals without tearing or increased input lag.

You can see the PG43UQ for yourself at our CES 2020 showcase, located at the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort and Casino. To arrange a tour, or for more information regarding pricing and availability in your region, please contact your local ASUS representative.