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  • basic-tutorials.de

    Basic-Tutorials Gold Award

    The compact keyboard convinces in terms of technology and workmanship and offers, among other things, PBT keycaps and a practical touch bar.

    GERMANY 03/20/2023
    Daha fazla
  • hardwareinside.de

    Hardwareinside recommendation top class

    The ASUS ROG Falchion Ace builds on its predecessor and goes one better. PBT keycaps are used instead of ABS, a sound-absorbing foam reduces ambient noise and reverberation, and additional stabilizers under the larger keys make every keystroke feel the same.

    GERMANY 02/16/2023
    Daha fazla
  • gamezoom.net

    Gamezoom Performance 90%

    With the new ROG Falchion Ace, ASUS once again delivers a convincing 65% keyboard for gamers and RGB fans. Especially the high-quality build (+durable PBT Doubleshot keycaps) and the precise stroke are appealing. The ROG NX RED switches please all along the line.

    GERMANY 01/27/2023
    Daha fazla
  • Hardware & Co


    ASUS and Aim Lab have teamed up to provide mice, mats and software to optimise performance for gamers with the ROG Harpe and Hone Ace.

    FRANCE 03/30/2023
    Daha fazla
  • CharlesTech

    8.6 out of 10

    The Asus ROG Falchion Ace is an excellent 65% mechanical keyboard. It far surpasses some gaming keyboard references. Its high price is justified by its excellent switches and good typing comfort.

    FRANCE 03/17/2023
    Daha fazla
  • Pause Hardware

    Coup de Coeur

    Attention mobile gamer s! The ASUS Rog Falchion Ace keyboard is here! It will satisfy players who demand a quality keyboard that is easy to transport and has an undisputed aesthetic appeal. [...] ASUS offers us a compact, quality keyboard with an elegant design. We therefore award it our "Coup de coeur" badge.

    FRANCE 03/06/2023
    Daha fazla
  • Overclocking.com

    Gold Award

    This model has well-designed switches and lubricated stabilizers. The result is a pleasant sound and smooth typing. It also features a side touch area [...], a protective cover and a dual USB connection that allows it to be used on two PCs at the same time.

    FRANCE 02/22/2023
    Daha fazla
  • Techgaming.nl

    A personal favourite of ours

    Furthermore, the doubleshot PBT keycaps, the solid ROG NX switches, the touch controls and the sturdy design adorn this keyboard very well, where I am especially happy with the upgrade to stabilizers - great work!

    NETHERLANDS 03/20/2023
    Daha fazla
  • NewEsc España


    Its hard not to love it.

    SPAIN 01/25/2023
    Daha fazla
  • Profesional Review


    Highest quality in writing and gaming

    SPAIN 12/11/2022
    Daha fazla
  • XFastest

    performance first

    The ROG Falchion 65% keyboard previously launched by ASUS has been loved by many people who go out, but it also deters many players due to the high price. This time, ROG has launched an updated version of ROG Falchion ACE, which retains 65% of the configuration. For wireless control, use the key-wire separation method, which saves money but is just as easy to carry.

    TAIWAN 12/05/2022
    Daha fazla
  • KotiMikro


    Falchion Ace is an excellent and compact keyboard full of convenient functions.

    FINLAND 07/07/2023
    Daha fazla
  • komputer.dk

    9,4 out of 10

    The Falchion Ace gives you an excellent keyboard with smart functions – all in a compact format.

    DENMARK 05/26/2023
    Daha fazla
  • Tweak.dk


    Here I would think that gamers who play FPS are most popular, so it is still a keyboard that has a lot to offer in terms of size, functions and quality.

    DENMARK 01/26/2023
    Daha fazla
  • Komputer.no


    Falchion Ace gives you an excellent keyboard with smart functions - all in a compact format.

    NORWAY 07/07/2023
    Daha fazla
  • gamesvillage

    GamesVillage Score

    With the ROG Falchion Ace, Asus has really hit the jackpot. The little one from Asus has proved to be a true giant, both in gaming and in daily work, and we must admit that after trying it, we will hardly go back. Thanks to its small size and perfect choice of materials, Asus has created a product that is almost defect-free and which, we are convinced, will delight a great many users.

    ITALY 05/31/2023
    Daha fazla
  • The Game Machine

    The Games Machine Score

    Before trying the ROG Falchion Ace I was very skeptical about the ultra-compact format but now I know that in emergency situations it can be a viable substitute to a full keyboard. After all, everything you really need is there and immediately available, whereas the biggest problem is with using specific software that needs quick button presses that are missing.

    ITALY 05/20/2023
    Daha fazla
  • Tuttotek.it

    Tuttotek Score

    The typing quality and responsiveness of this keyboard were not in doubt from the beginning of our test. Coming fresh from the Azoth, we were very familiar with the quality of the red ROG NX mechanical switches. Unlike its wireless sibling, the Falchion Ace has a wired setup, but its design allows it to simultaneously connect to two PCs and switch from one to the other thanks to the dedicated back button. Despite this "fixed" keyboard nature, engineers have equipped it with a slimmer structure

    ITALY 05/13/2023
    Daha fazla
  • Video İncelemeleri

    • Bir kullanıcının ihtiyacı olabilecek her türlü yapıyı ASUS zaten akıl edip bu kompakt klavyeye eklemiş durumda.

    • Everyone defines the perfect gaming setup differently - this combo is definitely pretty cool!

    • Build PC GAMER ROG Full White Powered by ASUS à 5000 €

    • Dominate WARZONE, THE Gaming PC Configuration to WIN. 🎁🎁🎁

    • 【真相解明】FPSガチ勢向けのゲーミングデバイスを初心者が使ってみる【ASUS ROG ACE】

    • ASUSの”本気”ゲーミングデバイスで揃えたらヤバかった【ROG ACEシリーズ】

    • 【 ROG ACE SERIES 】本気で勝つためのゲーミングデバイスが登場したぞ...!

    • プロと共同開発したASUS最強のゲーミングデバイスを知っていますか?

    • プロゲーマーと共同開発された最強デバイスをレビュー【ROG×AIMLAB】

    • 【潜入】ASUS ROG 初のE-Sportsコレクション「ACE SERIES」発表会に行ってきた【自作PC】

    • 【ASUS本気出しすぎて草】エイムの世界記録保持者が作った最強ゲーミングデバイスが発売されました。 [ROG Harpe Ace/Horn Ace AimLab Edition]

    • 【超軽量54g】ASUS ROGとAim Labが作ったE-Sports向け、新しいゲーミングマウスとゲーミングキーボードを使ってみた【ROG Ace】【自作PC】

    • 【軽量54g】ROGが本気で作ったEsports向ゲーミングデバイス / ROG ACE

    • Keyboard compact design Support dual device

    • Among the strengths of the ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition are its light weight and, on a quality level, its solidity. In fact, the build quality is fantastic and the shape is also well thought out. The level of this mouse is definitely high. The only negative note is the high price.

    • ASUS unboxing

    • ASUS unboxing

    • Asus ROG Falchion Ace - Review in English

    • If you like the form factor, and the price tag doesn't scare you - the keyboard is really interesting and you can consider it before buying it

    • Despite its compactness, no basic functions are cut down, and this is why this keyboard is captivating, plus its workmanship and design.

    • The mouse is so light that when Asus sent the box, it looked like there was nothing in it.

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    • ASUS ROG Falchion Ace 65% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - review

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    • [Build] PC GAMER ROG White Powered by ASUS

      Pause Hardware

      FRANCE 03/26/2023
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    • The ASUS ROG Falchion Ace is the latest addition to the Falchion series of compact gaming keyboards. It is a wired mechanical keyboard with dual USB-C connectors. It is available in 3 switch options: NX Red, NX Brown and NX Blue (linear, tactile and clicky respectively), along with two colour choices: Moonlight White and Black.

      the axo

      MALAYSIA 12/30/2022
      Daha fazla
    • YouTuber・たこまる氏に聞くASUS最強eスポーツデバイスの魅力


      JAPAN 03/30/2023
      Daha fazla
    • スイッチ自体のカスタマイズもできるワイヤレスゲーミングキーボード、ASUS「ROG Azoth」発売

      Hermitage Akihabara

      JAPAN 02/24/2023
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  • エイム練習サービスと共同開発したASUSのeスポーツ特化型マウス「ROG Harpe Ace」とマウスパッド「ROG Hone Ace」が3月10日発売


    JAPAN 02/24/2023
    Daha fazla
  • Aim Labとコラボしたマウスやカスタム前提のDIYキーボードが新登場!ASUS ROG初のeスポーツコレクション「ACE SERIES」日本発売発表会レポート!

    funglr Games

    JAPAN 02/24/2023
    Daha fazla
  • 【イベントレポート】Aim Labとコラボしたeスポーツ特化ギア爆誕!ASUSがeスポーツ特化した新コレクションACE SERIESを発表

    Esports world

    JAPAN 02/24/2023
    Daha fazla
  • キースイッチ交換可能な75%キーボードや27型有機ELディスプレイのASUS新モデルをチェック!

    ITmedia PC USER

    JAPAN 02/21/2023
    Daha fazla
  • ASUS ROG ACEコレクション徹底レビュー!キーボード・マウス・マウスパッドを組み合わせた使用感


    JAPAN 03/14/2023
    Daha fazla
  • ROGとAim Labが組んでマウス開発、目指す「共通のビジョン」とは

    Gadger Gate

    JAPAN 06/27/2023
    Daha fazla
  • ASUS ROG ACEシリーズレビュー


    JAPAN 06/07/2023
    Daha fazla
  • The ROG Falchion Ace is an extremely comfortable and responsive keyboard. The keycaps are ROG PBT Doubleshoot keycaps, designed by Asus to ensure very high performance even in the long run. They are paired with ROG NX mechanical switches with lubricated stems and base housings that offer an extremely pleasant feel and sound to the "click." In the red version they provide a trigger point of only 1.8 mm for quick input, making this keyboard a perfect product for eSport competitions as well. It is


    ITALY 04/21/2023
    Daha fazla
  • The ASUS ROG Falchion Ace gaming keyboard has everything you need in a 65% design keyboard: practical and with excellent build quality, it provides commendable responsiveness and ensures no small margin for customization. Too bad for the exclusively wired USB connectivity and, above all, for the price: paying the same price tag, in fact, you can buy more competitive custom solutions that are perfect for both productivity and purely gaming side use.


    ITALY 04/24/2023
    Daha fazla
  • The ROG Harpe mouse is a real surprise. At only 54 grams, the mouse is really a small cloud in the hands; and it is a very strange effect because from such a lightweight mouse one would never expect solid, full-bodied button feedback. The ROG Hone, on the other hand, is no ordinary mousepad, and it is immediately noticeable. Its material is woven so that the friction of horizontal movement is equal to that of vertical movement.


    ITALY 02/23/2023
    Daha fazla
  • The Asus ROG Falchion Ace is a compact, quality keyboard, perfect for those who like those with a 65% form factor. In the ROG tradition: lighting, materials and customization are at the highest level, for peformance that is always top notch. Too bad about the above-average price, but it certainly remains an excellent mechanical keyboard.

    Toms Hardware Italy

    ITALY 03/07/2023
    Daha fazla
  • ASUS ROG has once again managed to surprise us with a well-made, high-performance and beautiful device. Its small size makes it extremely versatile and manageable, so we recommend it to those who have space problems, those who might also take it on trips, or those who are mainly into video games and don't know what to do with the other bulky buttons.


    ITALY 03/13/2023
    Daha fazla
  • The ROG Falchion ACE, is really a great desktop product, with a beautiful line and great feedback. The keyboard offers quality, ergonomics, top materials, but the real strength of the ROG Falchion ACE, are the ROG NX red mechanical switches. Compatibility with Aura Sync ensures full synchronization with the Asus ecosystem based on this technology.


    ITALY 03/13/2023
    Daha fazla
  • The ASUS ROG Falchion is an excellent keyboard that boasts good workmanship, quiet operation, PBT key covers, and the ability to connect to two computers simultaneously.


    ITALY 04/04/2023
    Daha fazla
  • ASUS ROG Falchion Ace is a little gem that with little effort could have been a real gem. The format is great, if you like the genre, and the great thing is that it's topped off with classic ISO ITA layout and software support always in Italian. There are other goodies then, such as the Touch Bar on the side, the included keyboard cover, dual USB-C ports, and fantastic backlighting. The sounds, however, do not live up to the asking price


    ITALY 01/04/2023
    Daha fazla
  • The ROG Falchion ACE proved to be a stable and high-performance keyboard. The customization possibilities are excellent, although the most interesting component by far, however, remains the one related to the form factor: the ROG Falchion ACE is to be recommended especially for those who want to keep the footprint on their desk or have limited space, without giving up the most important functions. Despite its compact size, in fact, there remain buttons widely used by gamers such as the direction

    Hardware Upgrade

    ITALY 01/24/2023
    Daha fazla
  • The ROG Falchion Ace is an excellent keyboard with an excellent design that offers an exceptional level of solidity coupled with impeccable build quality, features that make it an excellent companion for gaming and work. Only flaw: The absence of a second cable in the package useful to take advantage of the dual USB-C connectivity advertised by ASUS itself and, again along these lines, we reiterate that, given the completely unique shape of some keys, including some frequently used ones such as


    ITALY 01/27/2023
    Daha fazla
  • ASUS ROG Falchion Ace has everything needed to satisfy even the most demanding gamers. Although it doesn't boast the same high standards as its sibling, the ROG Azoth, it's an excellent piece in its price range that certainly won't disappoint.


    CZECH REPUBLIC 09/16/2023
    Daha fazla
  • The ASUS ROG Falchion Ace is a very specific keyboard that probably won't suit everyone, but if it does, you'll be extremely happy with it.


    CZECH REPUBLIC 06/19/2023
    Daha fazla
  • ASUS ROG Falchion Ace Review


    Daha fazla
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