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    Editor's Choice

    ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 hem tasarımsal olarak hem de performans noktasında şahane işler yapabilen, ev, iş ve e-spor oyuncularının internet sorununu ortadan kaldıracak düzeyde iş yapabiliyor.

    Türkiye 02/26/2022
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  • PC Magazine

    Editor's Choice Award

    The GT-AX6000 is worth every cent as a top-of-the-line router

    UNITED STATES 05/19/2022
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  • NXT

    NXT Gadget Awards - Best Router

    NXT Gadget Awards - Best Router

    SINGAPORE 01/09/2023
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  • Geek Culture

    8.4 out of 10

    The ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 is a stylish Wi-Fi 6 router packed with various features that would appeal to most gamers.

    SINGAPORE 05/25/2022
    Daha fazla
  • Einfold

    9.4 out of 10

    ASUS ROG Rapture AX6000 Wi-Fi Router sits somewhere between a full-tilt gaming router like the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 and basic segment options like ASUS ROG Strix GS-AX3000. The Rapture AX6000’s ‘middle of the road’ approach results in a router that’s larger than some, with four antennas and gigabit Ethernet ports (4x 1gbe and 2x 2.5gbe). You also get Wi-Fi 6, though not the newer 6E that makes use of the less-cluttered 6 GHz band. But the Rapture AX6000 does feature the RGB lighting on

    SINGAPORE 04/14/2022
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  • Can Buy or Not

    Can Buy

    Rock-solid performance and features galore.

    SINGAPORE 03/14/2022
    Daha fazla
  • PCUpdate

    Gold Award

    The Prince of Dual Band, […] it is simply the best we have ever tested

    FRANCE 06/01/2022
    Daha fazla
  • CharlesTech

    9 out of 10

    A fierce router !

    FRANCE 04/28/2022
    Daha fazla
  • Gaming Australia


    Overall, the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 is excellent. The only downside I can see is the price tag as it is quite pricey, however if getting the absolute most you can out of your gaming, then the GT-AX6000 is perfect.

    AUSTRALIA 09/03/2022
    Daha fazla
  • Blacktubi.com

    9.5 Tubi Rating

    If you are looking for the fastest wireless router, the new ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 is probably your best bet. ASUS new ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 gaming router is an absolute beast when it comes to specs with pretty much the best specifications you can get in the market right now.

    MALAYSIA 07/22/2022
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  • Pokde

    Pokdeward Silver

    ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 is everything you need to have a fast, secure and smooth gaming experience . Packed with the essentials to make your gaming experience smooth such as Triple-Level Game Acceleration, Mobile Game Mode and Gear Accelerator. Lets take a look at the router.

    MALAYSIA 05/01/2022
    Daha fazla
  • I'm Momoko

    4.8 overall score

    In short, ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 is the best and most performing dual-band WiFi 6 gaming router from Asus yet. Wider range with superior speed. And packed with a lot of useful gaming features

    MALAYSIA 03/09/2022
    Daha fazla
  • HungryGeeks.ph

    HungryGeeks Approved

    With the tests and benchmarks done with the ROG Rapture GT-AX6000, I can definitely say its the most powerful consumer router that I’ve ever handled. The hardware allows it to reach farther while maintaining decent speeds decent enough for regular consumption. If you are planning on just having one router to cover a great distance, say for a farm or a very large garden, then you may consider getting having the ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 to provide you with your wireless needs.

    PHILIPPINES 06/14/2022
    Daha fazla
  • T3

    Game Router of the Year

    T3 Gaming Router of the Year

    INDIA 03/01/2023
    Daha fazla

    HKEPC Editor's Choice

    The features, efficiency and the coverage of ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 are outstanding. Also, other gaming features can help gamers.

    HONG KONG 02/12/2023
    Daha fazla
  • ezone.com

    e-zone Choice

    Unique gaming optimization function, having built-in own "ASUSWRT" operation system, which can enhance the loading speed especially for gamers

    HONG KONG 02/24/2022
    Daha fazla
  • www.vmodtech.com

    Best Performance

    Beautiful design, looks like a gamer, comes with 4 antennas, AiProtection, Parental Control, and VPN, is yet another router that comfortably supports Internet use up to 2G.

    THAILAND 05/03/2022
    Daha fazla
  • PCGaming.it

    PcGaming.it Gold Award

    The ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 is an impressive router, not only is the design eye-catching, but the actual performance is also industry-leading, not to mention the feature-rich ASUS software as always.

    ITALY 05/02/2022
    Daha fazla
  • BUG online

    Bug recommended

    Asus has always reserved a special place for gamers in its range of network equipment. The new wireless router from the brand Republic of Gamers is intended for exactly this type of user

    CROATIA 08/31/2022
    Daha fazla
  • PC Ekspert

    Editors Choice

    The ROG RAPTURE GT-AX6000 is a powerful AX gamer router that offers a handful of options and best from the world of Asus Routers. It looks great, has very powerful hardware and offers excellent coverage.

    CROATIA 03/23/2022
    Daha fazla
  • PC AXE

    AXE Advanced Design

    For those users who want to buy a router and don't think about changing it for years, faster WAN / LAN ports will definitely be a plus, not to mention a design that is gaming but serious enough not to be seen so often. That's why the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 received the AXE "Advanced Design" award from us.

    SERBIA 03/27/2022
    Daha fazla
  • Svet kompjutera

    Editors Choice

    Asus has implemented on this router Asus RangeBoost Plus technology, which significantly increases coverage space escapes them. There are three degrees of acceleration flow gaming. It's for protection, between đ in other mechanisms, in charge WPA3.

    SERBIA 03/01/2022
    Daha fazla
  • Video İncelemeleri

    • WLAN performance on a TOP level, without question a high-end level. With 802.11ax wave2, the system is state-of-the-art. 2.5 GBit interfaces on the WAN and LAN side is a novelty and future-proof.

    • WE REMAKE YOUR GAMING ROOM ! (ft. Guillaume)

    • I build a 5000€ Gaming PC !

    • Enjoy ultra-wide coverage and fast transfer rate with 150 Mbps from 15m away. Up to 650 Mbps on the same floor from the wireless router. Double if you are using 4×4 connection devices. And enjoy lovely and attractive RGB lighting effects. Yes, this is what Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 can do. The best WiFi 6 dual-band gaming router from Asus yet…

    • Still craving for heavenly speeds?😉 How about allowing Momoko to introduce you to the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 😍

    • One of the best wifi routers that I personally tested.

    • Upgrading my Wi-Fi to ROG Rapture GT-AX6000

    • 【WiFIルーター】2.5GbEポート搭載の高速ゲーミングWiFiルーター ASUS ROG RAPTURE GT-AX6000

    • 【280fps】最新デバイスを揃えたのでまとめて紹介します!【フォートナイト/Fortnite】

    • 【神回】ゲーミングWi-Fiルーターとは?

    • 【ラグ解消!880MゲーミングWi-Fiルーター】ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 レビュー 【ゲーム・投資にWi-Fiルーターおすすめ】

    • ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 is great both in terms of design and performance. Also it performs great when it comes to eliminate the internet problems of household, business and e-sports players.

    • How do you cover huge areas up to the neighbours in the village? Asus' expandable routers and Aimesh's explanation.

    • ROG Rapture AX6000 speed unboxing

    • RT-Ax6000 is the best router for professional games

    • Satellite rifles from Asus

    • Building a smart games room - Part #1

    • 8,5/10

    • Video review from the channel ASUS ROG BALTICS

    • Video review from the channel ASUS ROG BALTICS

    Medya İncelemeleri

    • Excellent


      TAIWAN 11/24/2022
      Daha fazla
    • ゲーミングルーターはこう選ぶ!「スペック」「価格」「スペック以外」の考え方

      Internet Watch

      JAPAN 11/02/2022
      Daha fazla
    • The Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 is the best Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router to date. It's worth every penny for general users and gamers alike.

      Dong Knows Tech

      UNITED STATES 02/04/2022
      Daha fazla
    • The ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 is the perfect Wi-FI 6 router for high-speed gaming.

      Android Central

      UNITED STATES 03/30/2022
      Daha fazla
    • Purchase guide of the best ASUS routers


      FRANCE 05/20/2022
      Daha fazla
    • 第31屆台灣精品獎出爐!華碩及ROG玩家共和國18項產品憑藉精湛設計及優異品質大放異彩,於547家廠商、1,109件參選產品中突出重圍,榮登全台獲獎數最高的企業。


      TAIWAN 11/24/2022
      Daha fazla
    • 第31屆台灣精品獎出爐!華碩及ROG玩家共和國18項產品憑藉精湛設計及優異品質大放異彩,於547家廠商、1,109件參選產品中突出重圍,榮登全台獲獎數最高的企業!包含:ASUS Zenbook與Vivobook筆電、ASUS Chromebook教育平板電腦、ASUS ZenScreen可攜式螢幕,以及ROG Flow與Zephyrus電競筆電等,在智慧醫療領域備受關注的ASUS無線手持式超音波也獲殊榮,ASUS Zenfone 9智慧手機與ROG Phone 6D Ultimate電競手機亦雙雙入選!


      TAIWAN 11/24/2022
      Daha fazla
    • 第31屆台灣精品獎出爐!華碩及ROG玩家共和國18項產品憑藉精湛設計及優異品質大放異彩,於547家廠商、1,109件參選產品中突出重圍,榮登全台獲獎數最高的企業!包含:ASUS Zenbook與Vivobook筆電、ASUS Chromebook教育平板電腦、ASUS ZenScreen可攜式螢幕,以及ROG Flow與Zephyrus電競筆電等,在智慧醫療領域備受關注的ASUS無線手持式超音波也獲殊榮,ASUS Zenfone 9智慧手機與ROG Phone 6D Ultimate電競手機亦雙雙入選!


      TAIWAN 11/24/2022
      Daha fazla
  • ゲーミングWi-Fiルーターとは?一般のルーターとの違いを解説!


    JAPAN 11/05/2022
    Daha fazla
  • At €399.00, it is ultimately an expensive but very useful product for gamers. It is one of the reference routers in gaming, combining performance optimisation with ease of configuration, clear and functional software, and a range of easy-to-manage as well as powerful options.

    Hardware Upgrade

    ITALY 08/13/2022
    Daha fazla
  • ASUS router buying guide from iycloud.eu


    ESTONIA 12/25/2022
    Daha fazla
  • Beyond the impressive ROG performance Rapture GT - AX6000 draws attention with its striking and unique design


    KAZAKHSTAN 03/31/2023
    Daha fazla
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