AniMe Matrix Sync brings dazzling coordinated visual effects to your gaming PC

May 26, 2023 Written by:ROG Article

An array of ROG gaming gear, each equipped with an AniMe Matrix display synchronized with AniMe Matrix Sync

For gaming gear that stands out from the crowd, there’s no better option than ROG hardware equipped with a customizable AniMe Matrix display. Built into prominent locations on select ROG hardware, including laptop lids, motherboard I/O shields, keyboards, and headset ear cups, these arrays of LEDs give you a stunning canvas to show off custom images and animations, audio visualizations, system status or settings indicators, and more. Today, we’re excited to announce a new option for these displays: AniMe Matrix Sync. With this easy-to-use feature of the Armoury Crate app, you’ll be able to apply coordinated effects across all your gear equipped with an AniMe Matrix display. 

The challenges of coordinating a diverse cast of hardware 

For years, gamers have used Aura Sync to coordinate the RGB LED lighting effects on their gear to give their PCs a cohesive look. We knew that many gamers would love a similar option to synchronise the AniMe Matrix displays across their setup, so we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make it happen. 

A woman holding an ROG Zephyrus G14 laptop equipped with an AniMe Matrix display on the lid

The primary challenge is that AniMe Matrix displays come in many shapes and sizes. The ROG Zephyrus M16 boasts a triangular AniMe Matrix across its lid with well over 1000 LEDs. The pump housing of the ROG Ryuo III ARGB Series AIO cooler has a smaller, circular AniMe Matrix display, but it makes the most of the space it has with 255 customisable LEDs. An AniMe Matrix display equipped with 312 programmable mini-LEDs slashes across the upper-right-hand corner of the ROG Strix Flare II Animate

The ROG Delta S Animate headset and ROG Strix Flare II Animate keyboard together on a desk

Size and shape aren’t the only differences between the AniMe Matrix displays, either. The AniMe Matrix displays on the ear cups of the ROG Delta S Animate offer you a monochrome palette for images and animations, while the display on the ROG Maximus Z790 Extreme lets you dream in living colour.  

One-click synchronization in three dazzling presets 

With an AniMe Matrix display, your only major limitation is your imagination. Already, we’ve seen talented creators apply stunning coordinated effects across the AniMe Matrix displays on their hardware. With AniMe Matrix Sync, you can now enjoy that level of synchronisation right out of the box. Inside the AniMe Matrix tab of Armoury Crate, you’ll find the option to sync devices, much like the similar option for Aura Sync. Pick your favorite effect, click the “Apply” button, and all your connected AniMe Matrix displays will light up in a synchronized lightshow.  

AniMe Matrix Sync gives you have three preset options in the content library to pick from. The first takes inspiration from the world and characters of ROG Saga to give your setup unmistakable cyberpunk flair. The second caters to racing enthusiasts, while the third unleashes a fire-breathing dragon across your gear. Words and static pictures don’t do these animations justice — make sure to check them out for yourself.

Build your own AniMe Matrix setup 

ROG laptops, components, and peripherals with AniMe Matrix displays give you everything you need to for a truly personalized battle station. To take advantage of AniMe Matrix Sync, you’ll need more than two devices with an AniMe Matrix display. You have plenty of options to make that happen. If you prefer to have a gaming laptop as your primary PC, check out the latest ROG Zephyrus G14, an ultra-compact gaming powerhouse, or level up to the versatile ROG Zephyrus M16.  

For those who prefer to build their own desktop PC, we offer the AniMe Matrix display on several premium ROG options, including the ROG Maximus Z790 Extreme and ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme. The ROG Ryuo III ARGB Series AIO liquid cooler, with an AniMe Matrix display atop its pump housing, is the perfect partner for either motherboard. 

A closeup look at the Anime Matrix display on the ROG Strix Flare II Animate gaming keyboard

Whether you game with an ROG laptop or desktop, complete your AniMe Matrix setup with stunning ROG peripherals. Both the ROG Delta S Animate and ROG Strix Flare II Animate offer the customisable LED array you need to enjoy AniMe Matrix Sync.