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ROG Herculx Graphics Card Holder

The robust ROG Herculx Graphics Card Holder securely fortifies even the most powerful cards, plus offers an easy-to-use design and extensive compatibility.

  • Stand design is compatible with a variety of chassis and doesn’t occupy PCIe slots. 
  • Offers a support height of 72-128 mm, delivering a strong, adaptable design.  
  • Supports NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards. 
  • An adjustable wheel and release button enable easy, toolless setup and removal.  
  • Included spirit level simplifies setup. 
  • Embedded 3D ARGB element is compatible with Aura Sync. 

Video Reviews

【自作PC】発売即完売した多機能で派手に光るグラボ ホルダー ASUS ROG HERCULXをレビュー

Great prop with RGB effects and spirit level for a reasonable price. I would welcome a white version.

The surprise is the ROG Delta S Core, probably the best microphone I've experienced with Asus. I'm also excited about the ROG Strix Flare II Animate keyboard, I'll definitely be back to that one.

It's nice that I can have it and set up HercluX how I want, overall as a product one of the "unnecessary" issues, but at the same time a very flex issue.

The ROG Herculx installed in a PC build.


Graphics Card Holder

Supports NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards


Graphics Card Holder

Supports NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards

Pillar of Strength

The ROG Herculx packs the structural integrity to bear the burden of even the heaviest graphics card. Toolless installation, precision adjustment, and customizable RGB lighting are combined into a space-saving design that neatly slides in to protect your investment in GPU horsepower.

The ROG Herculx holding up a graphics card.
  • Support height from72~128mm

    Solid Vertical and Upright Brace Design

Strong and Adaptable

With an adjustable height ranging from 72 to 128 mm and the strength to support even the most powerful graphics cards in a variety of chassis, the upright design of the Herculx banishes sag without cluttering your build.

No Tools Necessary

ROG Herculx installation is completely toolless — simply lift the extending platform and use the adjustable wheel to fine-tune height. And for easy removal, the platform releases smoothly at the touch of a button.

  • The ROG Herculx extends to support a graphics card


    No tools necessary

  • A hand pulls the ROG Herculx’s extending platform up, then presses a button to make it descend.


    One button release

Next-level Precision

Use the magnetic spirit level to ensure your graphics card is perfectly aligned.

The included spirit level sits on a graphics card to ensure the card is perfectly aligned, then is placed underneath the ROG Herculx.

Front view of the ROG Herculx, with a rainbow ARGB lighting effect.

Brilliance to Match Your Build

A 3D ARGB element on the side of the top platform radiates lighting effects that can be customized and synced with other ASUS components via Armoury Crate.


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