ROG Gaming Charger Dock

ASUS estore price £59.99
ASUS estore price £59.99
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Three ROG Gaming Charger Docks, one with the ports visible, and the other two with the lettering “ROG” and the ROG logo visible, respectively.

ROG Gaming Charger Dock

All-in-one charger

The ROG Gaming Charger Dock combines full power charging, data transfer, and display output from a single device. When paired with an ROG Ally, you can connect to a TV or external monitor via HDMI, connect your keyboard and mouse with USB-A, and charge your device over USB-C, allowing for seamless gaming on the big screen.

An ROG Gaming Charger Dock connected to AC power, an ROG Ally via USB-C, and a monitor via HDMI, with a Raikiri Pro controller also visible in frame.

Charge and Display simultaneously

When connected to AC power, the Gaming Charger Dock supports a full 65W of power delivery thanks to PD 3.0 fast charging via USB-C, while also driving display output via the HDMI 2.0 port. If you charge two devices at the same time, the USB-C port provides 60W while the USB-A port provides 5W, leaving you enough juice to stay charged while gaming.

An ROG Ally on an entertainment center, connected to an ROG Gaming Charger Dock and a full sized TV.

Immersive gaming on the big screen

Since the Gaming Charge Dock is also a USB hub, you can also use the HDMI port to connect to a TV or an external monitor and use the USB-A to connect to your keyboard and mouse to have a comfortable working environment even when disconnect from AC power. The USB-A port also supports USB 2.0 data transfers when you need to connect to a flash drive*.

*As a USB hub, the USB-A port supports low-power devices, such as keyboard, mouse and flash drive.

An ROG Phone 7 connected Via USB-C to the ROG Gaming Charger Dock, with an HDMI output providing signal to an external monitor.

The ROG Gaming Charger Dock features an HDMI 2.0 port, giving you seamless compatibility with nearly every modern TV and PC monitor. Supporting up to 120Hz refresh rates at 1080p and up to 60Hz at 4K, both your fast paced games and video content will be displayed with crystal clarity.

An ROG Ally, two Gaming Charger docs, a USB-C cable, and an ROG Phone 7 on a white table.

Universal Charger Dock

The ROG Gaming Charger Dock is a compact and convenient device that can be used with various devices, including the ROG Ally, laptops, and mobile phones that support display functionality over USB Type-C.

Two USB-C cables, extended from off screen and meeting near each other in the middle of the frame

Rigorous Quality Testing

The bundled 2-meter long USB-C cable supports power delivery, audio, and display output at up to 4K/60Hz. We’ve also torture tested it for toughness, durability, and safety to make sure that you’ll be pairing your favourite devices seamlessly for years to come.


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