At the ROG Camp in Berlin, Andre Yang has hit a new SuperPi 32M World Record of 4 minutes 42.656 seconds, for the Core i7-3770K at 7.013GHz (62 x 113MHz) using the ROG Maximus V Extreme motherboard and DDR3 at 2488MHz CL6. Everything was chilled under LN2.

(Yes, that’s nearly 5 minutes at 7GHz!)

Screen shot of the winning timing:


Camera shot (as backup!)


The live bench:DSCN8015




Alex-Ro11-12-12 05:09 PM Reply With Quote
Very nice,that is one hell of a cpu
ChieRyuu03-14-15 08:21 PM Reply With Quote
Is there even any game which need 7Ghz? XD
Nate15203-14-15 08:32 PM Reply With Quote
No game really needs it but if you could game with your cpu at 7.0GHz it would be pure bliss!
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