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Republic of Gamers Announces GX800 Gaming Laptop with Liquid-Cooling

Playing on an ROG GX800 is much like bringing a minigun to a gunfight. There's literally nothing you can't handle.

Beyond brutal: the most difficult FPS games to conquer

Here are some of the most brutal FPS titles that you can try to conquer. Come get some!

Unlock Ultimate Power

We’re putting the power in your hands, starting Nov 28. Stay alert for something epic, comrades! #ROGPower

The best AAA games to look out for in 2017

The games due for release in 2017 shine like a beacon through the darkness of the winter months. Which one is going straight in the cart?

What it takes to go pro at CS:GO

Since you've invested all that time into mastering Counter Strike: Global Offensive, why not do something with it?

Unboxing: ROG Claymore

We unbox the ultimate keyboard - the ROG Claymore with Aura RGB lighting, mechanical switches and command over your PC like never before!

Join the Republic - Bootcamp Part 1: Team USA heads to Las Vegas

In preparation for the Join the Republic Finals in Sweden, Team USA heads to Las Vegas to train... or chill... we can't tell.

How does your PC stay cool?

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Mods and Upcoming ROG Gear at PAX Australia 2016

Imagine your dream PC setup, now multiply that by a thousand plus heaps of games and cosplay and you've got PAX Australia 2016.

Best of Everything ROG: November 2016

Want the biggest and the baddest? Look no further, here is a list of the ultimate ROG gear to put under the X'mas tree this year.


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