Life at 300Hz: Optimize your games to take advantage of high refresh rates

Learn to optimize your PC for 300Hz gaming with the Zephyrus S GX701.

The ROG Zephyrus S GX502 morphed from my portable partner to a gaming powerhouse

Thanks to its slim chassis and power-packed internals, the ROG Zephyrus S GX502 can seamlessly bridge work and play.

Basking in the glory of 240Hz gaming with the ROG Strix SCAR III

We go hands-on with the ROG Strix SCAR III to see how it brings the magic of high-refresh-rate gaming on the road.

GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER and GTX 1650 SUPER graphics cards from ROG and ASUS power up Full HD gaming

Check out our wide range of GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER and GTX 1650 SUPER cards for builds of all stripes.

After Borderlands, Britanni Johnson takes on esports and Twitch

Britanni Johnson is most famous for playing Borderlands' Guardian Angel, but she's making a name for herself in esports and on Twitch, too.

The ROG Phone II boasts the power you need for hours of on-the-go gaming

We take the ROG Phone II out and about to see how long it can power today's immersive AR gaming experiences.

The NoisyButters journey: past every obstacle, there’s a positive outcome

You might fall victim to NoisyButters' sniping in Call of Duty, but her positive attitude will make it impossible to walk away mad.

Best new product from CES 2019

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Radeon RX 5700-series graphics cards from ROG and ASUS let Navi shine its brightest

Come meet our custom ROG Strix, TUF Gaming, and ASUS Dual Radeon RX 5700-series graphics cards.

Ryzen™ to the challenge: choosing the right ROG X570 motherboard

Our family of X570 motherboards has a board for every build, whether you’re putting together a small form- factor PC or the biggest, baddest rig you can muster.


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