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The Aura ecosystem expands into your environment with reactive ambient lighting and more

Check out the new ROG Aura Terminal and Spotlight, plus the latest software to use our SDK.
Press Release

The ROG GT51-PBA gaming desktop packs 18 cores and room for multiple GPUs

The GT51-PBA is built for premium experiences that require high-end horsepower, like immersive VR, multi-monitor gaming, and high-refresh displays.

Introducing the Strix Fusion 500 headset: surround sound with synchronized lighting

See how our latest 7.1-channel headset is optimized to play hardcore multiplayer games all night long.

Bezel-Free Kit makes multi-monitor setups seamless

See how our new concept uses clever optics to camouflage bezels for surround setups.

Living like an esports pro: A day in the Echo Fox life

Echo Fox maintains a grueling schedule, training six days a week and waking up early for workouts. We take an inside look at how esports pros live.

Life at 120 FPS and beyond on the ROG Strix GL702VI gaming laptop

We go hands-on with this potent gaming laptop to see how its GTX 1080 and 120Hz display impact performance and gameplay.
Press Release

The ROG Swift PG65 Big Format Gaming Display brings 120Hz NVIDIA® G-SYNC to a huge 65-inch screen

We're bringing PC gaming perks to a giant display fit for a living room or supersized battlestation.

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How Echo Fox built a League of Legends team to defy all expectations

When recruiting new players, Echo Fox's primary concern isn't that the player is good at League of Legends, or any of the other games in its portfolio, but that they're a good person.

ROG reveals all-new products at CES 2018

See all the new products we're showing at CES 2018 this week in Las Vegas, NV.


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