Nov 30, 2012 Written by: MarshallR

November PC Mods Roundup

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Here’s November's round up of mods that caught our eye in the ROG modding forum. If you've seen other mods drop me a PM, or if you are planning your own drop it in the forums too!

1. Project Steampunk'd TJ11 by Fuganater

Project Log thread

Modding fans you are about to reach maximum satisfaction, as Fuganater provides the holy grail combination of an exquisite mod backed up with a highly detailed build log. I particularly like the sumptuous leather and gold PCI brackets bringing a flicker of regal among the orange and brown techy bits.

Then there's the vacuum tubes and the gears! THE GEARS! Just... woooow.


2. K.3nny's C-BonizeD DangerDen acrylictubes!

Project Log thread

K.3nny's mod takes the classic Maximus III Extreme and an acrylic case with some tasty vinyl wrapping. The acrylic theme continues inside as the tubing is actually cut, heated and bent from a single, straight tube. The end result is fantastic and brings back memories of the C3 clear case I used to own... over 10 years ago! God I feel old now. Thanks, K.3nny.

K.3nny's mod

3. Project Mil Spec by B NEGATIVE

Project Log thread

B Negative goes all Corsair yellow, mustard and military green over the Sabertooth Z77 with this extremely clean and classic mod (in terms of case + window + lighting). A dash of watercooling (with some beautiful piping work) and then.. a green cathode? How very 2001! Bring back retro case modding (needs a UFO mod with el-wire)!


4. Cooler Master HAF-XB by 1ceTr0n

Project Log thread

1ceTron has the new HAF-XB and if you're as curious over this new style desktop case as we are, this is one to keep an eye on. It looks great in red and is evem kitty-approved, apparently.


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