Tiny Tom Logan over at Overclock3D has made two videos reviewing the ROG ARES II, one with a single card, and one with a mind-blowing CrossfireX setup. He talks about gaming performance, benchmark scores and how ‘remarkably well’ the hybrid air and water cooling system works.

He gives the ARES II the much coveted OC3D Performance Award. Thanks, Tom!


Impressed by the performance of the ARES II? Let us know in the forums



Zka1701-31-13 01:13 PM Reply With Quote
Thanks... but sincerely it's kinda too much talk about it... :p - when those cards are hitting the stores?!
and what stores (or websites) as I hear the US will only get 100 of 999, I'll have the $1500 in a week or two (tax return) and will be in a position to get one and it would be nice to know ahead of time as I'm sure retailer site camping will be involved lol
maximiza02-13-13 02:31 AM Reply With Quote
1500.00 USD to have the fastest card on the planet. I am thinking about it. my case has the spare vent for it in the back.

Dartmaul02-14-13 09:59 AM Reply With Quote
Fancy but not very useful. It's not even close to a pair of 7970 about OCin and price.
Also it seems that connecting it to a H2O custom loop would be quite complicated.
opteron02-20-13 05:30 AM Reply With Quote
Wow that's hella expensive. No thanks. That will be have my paycheck.
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