The ROG Rampage IV Extreme comes with OC Key, a new attachment derived from ROG Connect technology. It plugs in to the DVI port of any graphics card, and integrates with the system to allow instant on-screen performance info and overclocking options. The biggest draw is probably immediate access to voltage tuning, but there are a bunch of parameters that can be applied. And you don’t even have to boot the OS, as long as the motherboard, CPU, and graphics card are powered, OC Key works and makes adjustments instantly. The OSD is quite detailed, plus it does work from within the OS just as easily since the attachment talks directly to the BIOS versions of both the graphics card and motherboard on a hardware level. This means overclocking using OC Key doesn’t require any system resources, so it’s perfect for benchmarking fiends who want to suss out every last drop of power. OC Key doesn’t affect benchmarking results, unlike software tuning.

Alongside all the other features that come with Rampage IV Extreme (not to mention Battlefield 3 if you get the limited edition bundle), OC Key, is a huge attraction for serious overclockers. Plus, it’s a compact attachment that works with no hassles. Take a look at the photos for a better sense of what it entails.

OC Key is hand-sized

OC Key is hand-sized

Here we see the OC Key attachment held by Richard and next to a GTX 590, so you can tell that it’s quite compact.

OC Key vs mouse

Another perspective shot, next to your friendly average ASUS mouse.

OC Key plugged in

Close up view of OC Key connected to the DVI port of the GTX 590.

OC Key fits in a DVI slot

View from the front. Or back, depending on how you look at things…

OC Key overview

Overall view of the attachment and card.

OC Key screencap 1

Screenshot grabbed by engineer Andrew, who tried his best to keep things clear. This is outside the operating system.

OC Key screencap 2

This is what the OSD looks like from inside Windows, superimposed over the desktop.

Stay tuned for more info on the beastly Rampage IV Extreme, the meanest overclocking/high performance board on the market currently!


sorry, but how to update firmware OC Key on RIVE rev 1.02 ?
i have version? but i know its too old? i seen from other guy.
i wanna last firmware for my OC Key, where i can get this soft ?
sorry, but how to update firmware OC Key on RIVE rev 1.02 ?
i have version. but i know its too old. i seen from other guy.
i wanna last firmware for my OC Key, where i can get this soft ?
HiVizMan08-01-13 08:21 AM Reply With Quote
Zoomer what platform is your OC Key mate? Two different firmware for the two different motherboards.
Thanks, i need firmware for Rampage IV Extreme*s OC Key (it now version)
i read Your message in other topic and understand last update for RIVEs OC Key
Where can we find the update, I followed the link in the OP. But no update?
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