Memory Overclocking Guide For Rampage IV Black Edition (Beginner To Advanced)

Originally posted in our forums by tech guru, Raja, this guide is aimed at those looking to maximize their overclocking and tweaking performance on LGA2011 in general with specifics for the new Rampage IV Black Edition. So whether you’re using an R4BE motherboard or not, there are some valuable learning tips in this guide that help understand the process of stable overclocking on any platform. It suits anyone from beginner to advanced, so everyone should get something out of it!

Source: ROG Forums

Video: Team Russia Tests RealBench With Extreme Cooled i7-4960X

Team Russia has fired up its Rampage IV Black Edition and i7-4960X again to push it through our RealBench app! With an LN2 cooling, the CPU reached an extreme of 5.6GHz (131×43). The team are only one of two people to break the 120k barrier so far! See their result submission for more details on the system, and the video below to follow how they did it.