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HW GURUS win the ROG OC Showdown Team Edition 2

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After 10 weeks of intense competition, the second incarnation of the ROG OC Showdown Team Edition has come to an end. A total of 89 teams from around the world pushed their hardware to the limit in pursuit of bragging rights and $6,000 USD in prizes. HW GURUS finished on top of the overall team rankings followed by Alza OC. 

2017-09-22- ROG OCS Team Edition 2 - Facebook

Overall team rankings 

To earn points toward the overall ranking, teams competed in five distinct stages. Each one had specific rules and limitations, forcing teams to adapt to different conditions to reach the podium. 

  Stage 1 Stage 2  Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
Benchmark XTU - 5GHz Geekbench3
- multi
wPrime 32M Max CPU
3DMark Vantage
Hardware Limitation 4 x cores 4 x cores No X299/HDET/X399 No Limitation 8 x cores max
Single GPU 
No TitanX/XP/1080ti
League Limitation Rookies
Rookies / Novices
Rookies / Novices
Enthusiasts / Apprentice
Rookies / Novices
Enthusiasts / Apprentice
Rookies / Novices
Enthusiasts / Apprentice
​Extreme / Elite
Cooling Limitation Air / Water
Above 60ºC
during bench
Air / Water
25ºC IDLE + 
temp monitor
No limitations No limitations No limitations
Average scoring
/ team
Top 3 scores
/ team
Top 5 scores
​/ team
Top 3 scores
​/ team
Top 3 scores
​/ team
Top 2 scores
​/ team

Unique Hardware
/ team

CPUs model CPUs model CPUs model CPU socket GPUs model
Points repartition 50-48-46-44-42-40... 50-46-44-42-40-38... 50-46-44-42-40-38... 50-46-44-42-40-38... 50-46-44-42-40-38..

The rankings kept changing until the last minute of the competition. HW GURUS was one of the last teams to enter, waiting until the final week to start submitting their scores. They dominated the average team score for stage 1, 3, and 5 and took second place in stage 2 and 4. Here's how the teams stacked up in the end:

Top10 Ranking overall

Top 10 overall ranking

The top two teams took home the following prizes: 

  Team name Prizes
Winning team HW GURUS
  • 1x ROG Rampage VI Apex
  • 1x Next-gen ROG Maximus motherboard
  • 1x Seasonic PRIME Platinum 1200W
  • 1x Seasonic PRIME 1000W
  • 1x G.SKILL DDR4 TridentZ 4000MHz 4x8GB
  • 1x G.SKILL DDR4 TridentZ 4133MHz 2x8GB
  • 1x EK-KIT P280
  • 1x EK-SF3D Triple Point EVO module - Copper (2pcs)
Runner-up Alza OC
  • 1x Next-gen ROG Maximus motherboard
  • 1x ROG Maximus IX Apex
  • 1x Seasonic PRIME Platinum 1000W
  • 1x G.SKILL DDR4 TridentZ 4133MHz 2x8GB
  • 1x EK-KIT G280


Most valuable player - StratosCZ from Alza OC

Part of the enthusiast league, StratosCZ was the most valuable player in this second round of the ROG OC Showdown Team Edition. StratosCZ participated in four of the five stages; due to league limitations, he couldn't submit scores for the first one. Going from the Maximus IX Hero to the Rampage V Extreme and Crosshair VI Extreme, he used three different systems to bring the most points to team Alza OC. A custom loop cooled the Rampage V Extreme rig, while the others had AIO liquid cooling. As most valuable player, StratosCZ won a Maximus X Apex motherboard and exclusive ROG goodies. 


Stage winners

Prizes were also awarded for the top individual scores in each stage. Unlike in the first edition, the top scores in each stage came exclusively from the top-two teams.

Stage Winner Score Prize
Stage 1 - XTU Nemanja (HW GURUS) 1812 marks EK-Kit L240
Stage 2 - Geekbench3 PKBO (Alza OC) 24688 Seasonic PRIME 1000W
Stage 3 - wPrime 32M J4net (Alza OC) 2sec 435ms ROG Maximus IX Apex
Stage 4 - CPU Frequency nikolas61 (HW GURUS) 8,047.4MHz ROG Crosshair VI Hero
Stage 5 - 3DMark Vantage Performance d0minat0r (HW GURUS) 91738 marks G.skill DDR4 TridentZ 4000MHz

For more details about the results, visit the official competition page and the winners announcement on

Bonus - The best system pictures from the competition 

Overclockers are cooling geniuses, so we've added a bonus section with a look at how competitors cooled their rigs.

If you've always wondered what dry ice looks like, check out the system used by J4net from team Alza OC. He mounted a copper LN2 pot to collect ice on the Crosshair VI Hero, allowing him to hit a higher CPU frequency and voltage.  


Not cool enough? PKBO found the right solution in a country where nights are getting cooler: move your entire system outside the window.

PKBO system outside window

For the Geekbench3 stage, Mykolayzack went back in time with the ROG Striker II Extreme motherboard from the Core 2 Duo era.





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