An exclusive look inside NiP’s headquarters

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Aug 02, 2018 Written by:ROG Article

Republic of Gamers took an exclusive look inside NiP's esports HQ in Landskrona, Sweden, and their business HQ in Stockholm. Read on to see where one of the most respected esports brands in the industry plans, practices, and plays.

Esports in south of Sweden

Across the water from Copenhagen, Denmark, is Ninjas in Pyjama’s Landskrona, Sweden, esports building. This is where they keep all their sweet ROG gear, including a room full of ROG Swift PG248Q high-refresh gaming monitors and esports-friendly ROG Strix GL12 compact desktops, and a dedicated room for filming social media videos. The down-to-earth facility is also where NiP’s PUBG, CS:GO, Paladins and League of Legends teams spend a majority of their time preparing for large events.


But head 650 km north to Stockholm’s Östermalm borough and you might walk past the Ninjas in Pyjamas headquarters without even realizing it. Among trendy cafes and bustling, posh restaurants, NiP is running day-to-day operations from a sleek and swanky HQ. Unlike the more esports-focused Landskrona location, here it’s all business. This is where some of the 50 people involved with NiP handle everything from management, merchandising and social media to podcasts. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of fun mixed in, too. 

Step inside Stockholm

Set foot inside the Stockholm HQ and you’re immediately met by sleek, Scandinavian-style furnishings. This main lobby is shared with several other offices and companies. Some of them are part of the group of companies of the owners of NiP.




On the lower level, you’ll also find a cozy cafe with plenty of space to work, delicious hot chocolate, and decadent Swedish baked goods. NiP has a running tab in both the restaurant and the cafe, so players and staff can come down here any time and order whatever they want.

When it’s time to work off the pastries, players and staff use the first-floor workout room. It's totally tricked out with weight machines, free weights, and a punching bag. CEO Hicham Chahine (left) was more than happy showing how to use the punching bag.

On the first floor you’ll also find the classroom and theater. The classroom is used for viewing and group sessions when the teams are in town. Meanwhile, the theater regularly shows various esports events and live streams. 


(Bottom left and right photos courtesy of Petter Nilsson / NiP)

NiP's podcasting studio is also here. This is where Emil ‘Heaton’ Christensen and CEO Hicham Chahine have been recording the new NIPCAST podcast. So far, they've covered topics from NiP's inner workings and behind-the-scene details to industry rumors.



Stay on the first floor and NiP's HQ might convince you it's all fun with no work happening here. But head upstairs and you'll find plenty of open office spaces and call booths where employees settle in to work separately or together.


There are lots of NiP-themed decorations, including HeatoN’s book Livet På Spel, or “Life at Stake.” Scattered everywhere around the lobby and office are small robots. They're tucked into bookcases, in meeting rooms, and alcoves. They perch on tables and greet you where you least expect them. You might think nothing of them, but the dozens of figurines are a small touch introduced by one NiP employee, Lukas, as part of a running inside joke. If there was any question that NiP's employees are having fun, this is yet another sign of the big family feeling they're cultivating here on a daily basis.

What’s next for NiP HQ?

NiP is in the middle of a crazy growth phase: they recently acquired a team in São Paulo, Brazil and are establishing a new HQ there. They're also opening a new esports facility in Stockholm so players can practice closer to the business HQ (pretty soon, you might run into more NiP players on Stockholm's streets.) This team might have an 18-year legacy, but as they expand into new territory, their most exciting times are still to come.