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Republic of Gamers Announces the Strix GD30 gaming desktop

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Expect 2017 to be an exciting year for ROG Strix products! We've already given you a taste of what's to come with the new ROG Strix laptops, motherboards, graphics cards, and wireless headset released last year. This year, we've upped the ante with the ROG Strix GTX 1080 Ti and the first ROG Strix monitor, microphone, and mouse. Now, we're adding to the portfolio with the first ROG Strix desktop. The ROG Strix GD30 both literally and figuratively changes the face of gaming desktops.


Customize your gaming rig easily

The Sci-Fi- and cyberpunk-inspired design finished with a combination of black and white speaks to perhaps Star Wars fans the loudest. Who would've thought you could do so much with two basic colors? (Whether either of these two can be classified as 'colors' is up for debate another time.) One thing's for sure: this should be one of the best picks for die-hard fans looking to complete a Star Wars-themed gaming room. The two front panels can be detached and rearranged to create a total of six different styles. Five combinations are shown above; we'll see who can figure out the sixth. A matching white LED strip between the two panels indicates whether the system is on.

Transparent side panels that show off the tech inside are now ubiquitous, but the GD30 adds an iron screen with a honeycomb design. While the result looks great aesthetically, it also serves a functional purpose by reducing EMI (electromagnetic interference). The results from the ASUS EMI testing lab show that the system's Radiated Spurious Emissions are lower than not only international safety standards, but also internal ASUS regulations, which are among the strictest in the industry. Now your furry friend can sleep easy at night next your PC.

If you want to add personal flavor, a 2D layout of the front panel can be downloaded for planning decals. We also offer the 3D source file for a miniature GD30, so you can customize a smaller sidekick to complement your big rig.


Customization goes beyond just the exterior. Aura RGB lighting lets you play with over eight million colors and multiple effects displayed in the center of the motherboard. There's also plenty of space inside to customize the spec. The GD30 has enough room for a full-size optical drive, up to six 3.5" hard drives or SSDs (solid-state drives), and two 2.5" SSDs. It even caters to liquid cooling with mounts for a dual-fan radiator.


Power for any games you throw at it

No matter how you much you customize your system, if you can't play the games you want, you might as well save your money and buy a case with lots of lights to gawk at. The ROG Strix GD30 comes in multiple configurations, with the top spec featuring a 7th Generation Intel Core i7-7700 CPU, 32GB of DDR4 memory, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card with 8GB of video memory. Specs like these mean you can play any game in your library or wishlist.

Connect all the peripherals you want with four USB 2.0 ports and seven USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports. One of the USB 3.1 ports has a reversible Type-C connector that provides up to 15W of power for fast-charging devices. For easy access, there are two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.1 ports, a memory card reader, and both microphone and headphone jacks located at the top of the front panel alongside the power and reset buttons.

Just chill and focus on winning

We understand that not all gamers are (nor need to be) tech-savvy, so the GD30 is ready to go right out of the box. It's designed and built by experienced experts to ensure you can game without worry. Cool air flows into the system through large front and bottom intakes, while warm air is channeled out the back by a 120-mm fan with red LED lighting. For more airflow, you can install additional 120-mm fans in the bottom and front panels. The PSU (power supply unit) and some of the drive bays reside in their own covered chamber that separates the chassis into two thermal zones for improved cooling. 

You won't need to get your hands dirty to know what's going on inside the chassis thanks to our Aegis III software. This can be your one-stop shop for monitoring system temperatures and performance, as well as controlling fans and lighting. From Aegis III, you have direct access to XSplit Gamecaster for recording gameplay and Sonic Studio III tweaking your audio setup.

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Press Release

Republic of Gamers Announces Strix GD30

Powerful gaming desktop featuring sleek black-and-white design with interchangeable front panels,

up to 7th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics



  • Sleek black-and-white design with interchangeable front panels that can be attached or removed in any combination for six possible styles
  • Up to the latest 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics for the best gaming and multimedia experiences
  • Intelligent thermal solution features large air intakes at front and underside for increased airflow and more efficient cooling


Taipei, Taiwan (22nd March, 2017) — ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced Strix GD30, a powerful gaming desktop featuring a sleek black-and-white design, with interchangeable front panels that allow gamers to customize the system to suit their unique style. Equipped with up to the latest 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 graphics, ROG Strix GD30 delivers unrivaled performance for incredible gaming and multimedia experiences.

An advanced thermal system — featuring large air vents at the front and underside plus an isolated power supply chamber — provides improved airflow for better cooling and greater system efficiency. Exclusive ASUS Aegis III software enhances gaming experiences by allowing gamers to track CPU and memory usage, monitor networking status, and control fan speeds and ASUS Aura RGB lighting effects.


Tailored to gamers’ unique style: Customizable design with interchangeable front panels

ROG Strix GD30 features a sleek black-and-white design inspired by futurism, space travel, science fiction, and cyberpunk themes. It has two removable front panels that can be attached or removed in multiple combinations for a total of six styles. An integrated, removable hanger can be used to keep a pair of gaming headphones always within reach, helping keep the gaming area organized. Inside GD30, there is room for up to six HDDs, two SSDs, five fans, and a water-cooling system, so gamers can expand and upgrade their system as needed.

ASUS Aura RGB lighting lets gamers further stylize their system with a choice of over 8-million colors and multiple effects. The motherboard can display pulsing or static effects in a single color or up to ten colors in a continuous cycle, and the cooling fans are even ringed with red LEDs that provide a bold accent.


Unleash the power within: Up to 7th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce 10 series graphics

ROG Strix GD30 features up to the latest 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor with Turbo Boost, delivering clock speeds of up to 4.2GHz — up to 10% faster than previous-generation processors — for incredibly smooth gaming and multimedia experiences. GD30 is also equipped with up to the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards to ensure amazing performance and visuals when playing the latest AAA games. In product development tests, the GeForce GTX 1080-equipped GD30 performed 30 percent better than a GeForce GTX 980-equipped system.   

GD30 includes a USB Type-C™ (USB-C™) port and USB 3.1 Gen 1 technology for fast data transfer rates of up to 5Gbps. The reversible USB-C port also supports Quick Charge, which provides 15W (3A/5V) of power for rapid device charging.


Play it cool: Intelligent thermal solution for effective cooling

ASUS engineers created an intelligent thermal solution for ROG Strix GD30 that features large front and underside air intakes for increased airflow and more efficient cooling. Additionally, a separate internal covered chamber for the power supply and SSD isolates airflow for better cooling and improved system heat dissipation.


Exclusive Aegis III software: Optimized performance for gamers

ASUS Aegis III is a system performance monitoring app that enhances gaming experiences by allowing gamers to track their system's CPU and memory usage as well as download and upload status. It also lets gamers control fan speeds and lighting effects, and provides automatic warnings if the system exceeds temperature or voltage thresholds. Aegis III includes XSplit Gamecaster, which enables easy gameplay recording and editing, and sharing on social media. Additionally, Aegis III gives gamers direct access to ASUS Sonic Studio, an audio application that offers a host of functions designed to provide high-end gaming audio and improved internet call, audio streaming, and recording quality.


Engineered to the highest standards

All ROG products are built with high quality and safety standards to provide gamers the best, most enjoyable experiences. The transparent side-panel on ROG Strix GD30 not only shows off the incredible ASUS Aura lighting effects on the motherboard, but also features an integrated iron screen with a stylish honeycomb design to reduce electromagnetic emissions. Results from the ASUS EMI testing lab showed that the level of Radiated Spurious Emissions — a measure of electromagnetic interference (EMI) — from ROG Strix GD30 was not only lower than international safety standards, but also lower than internal ASUS regulations, which are among the strictest in the industry. With ROG Strix GD30, gamers can enjoy a gaming system engineered to the highest performance and safety standards.



Please contact your local ASUS representative for further information.




Intel® Core™ i5-7400

Intel® Core™ i7-7700

Operating system

Windows 10

Graphics card

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 2GB (1 HDMI, 1 DVI, 1 DP)

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 6GB (2 HDMI, 1 DVI, 2 DP)

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 8GB (2 HDMI, 1 DVI, 2 DP)

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 8GB (2 HDMI, 1 DVI, 2 DP)


Intel® H270


Up to 32GB DDR4 2400MHz (slot*4)


Up to 3TB SATA 6Gbps HDD (7200RPM)

Up to 512GB SATA3 2.5” SSD

Up to 512GB PCIe® M.2 SSD

Up to 512GB SATA M.2 SSD

Optical drive



IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Bluetooth® 4.1


High Definition 7.1 Channel (Sonic Studio III)



2 x USB 2.0

2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1

1 x MIC

1 x Headphone

1 x 6-in-1 card reader



2 x USB 2.0

4 x USB 3.1 Gen 1

1 x USB 3.1 Type-C (Support 3A/5V)

1 x RJ45 LAN

1 x 7.1-channel audio

Reserve HDMI layout


230 x 550 x 540mm






About ASUS

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