The ROG Gladius II Core mouse brings comfort and precision without breaking the bank

May 27, 2019 Written by:ROG Article

The ROG Gladius has always focused on providing an ergonomic and comfortable gaming experience. Our new ROG Gladius II Core mouse stays true to its roots with a fast optical sensor and swappable switches, and incorporates some thoughtful upgrades to give you the performance and comfort you need to keep up with the competition.

Refreshing the reliable

The Gladius II Core shares the same DNA that made previous models great but includes some design tweaks that are all its own. One of the first changes you’ll notice is the textured grip on the side of the mouse. Since rubber grips are more prone to sticky, sweaty build-up, the rubber Mayan-inspired design has been replaced by a more durable all-plastic ROG Totem grip. Changes in the construction allowed for the overall weight of the mouse to be cut by more than 20g, making it the lightest Gladius ever. This makes it easier than ever to whip your mouse around and catch the enemy sneaking up behind you.


We know that your battlestation always needs more RGB, which is why despite our efforts to cut weight, we still kept the two most prominent RGB zones on the Gladius II Core. Both the scroll wheel and the ROG logo can be synced up with your other Aura-enabled devices or configured to create your own unique lighting effects.

The biggest change of all is one that you can’t see, but you can definitely feel. Your mouse’s sensor is one of its most critical components; it’s what tracks your hand movements and relays them to your computer. A quality sensor is able to track even tiny movements with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring your crosshairs are aimed precisely where you want them. The Pixart 3327 optical switch inside the Gladius II Core features a maximum of 6200 DPI, and a dedicated button underneath the scroll wheel allows you to cycle through four different sensitivity settings. To minimize mistakes, the DPI switch now has a flatter design that's harder to hit by accident. Whether you’re playing a fast-paced FPS or something slower-paced like a MOBA, your mouse will move at the speed you need, and you don’t need to dip into dedicated software to switch on the fly. 

A familiar sight

While we tweaked some elements of the Gladius II design for the Core, we held onto what we know works. Some mice use the same piece of plastic for both buttons, which means you’re bending the plastic when you click, increasing the amount of force needed. We’ve kept the left and right mouse buttons separate from each other, and the rest of the mouse, for more distinct and responsive click-feel. Our simple three-step process for swapping out the durable Omron switches hasn’t changed and lets you easily customize the feel of your clicks.


The two critical thumb buttons are found on the left side of the mouse. These are useful for assigning any number of key functions such as reloading, swapping weapons, or activating your ultimate ability, rather than relying on your keyboard for everything. They’re positioned to be easy to reach while still being far enough from your thumb that they won’t accidentally get pressed in the heat of battle. 

Designed for comfort, built to game

The ROG Gladius II Core puts an emphasis on ergonomics and accuracy. These two key elements are important whether you spend most of your time working with a little gaming on the side, or you exclusively use your PC for playing your favorite shooter. Whatever you use it for, the Gladius II Core is sure to rise to the occasion. You’ll find the Gladius II Core at your favorite ROG retailer this summer.

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