The ROG Swift PG65 Big Format Gaming Display brings 120Hz NVIDIA® G-SYNC to a huge 65-inch screen

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Jan 08, 2018 Written by:ROG Article

PCs are the undisputed leaders in gaming technology. They’re the first to implement innovations and consistently offer the best experience. Over the last few years, the most impactful new developments have arguably come from displays. Higher refresh rates and synchronized frame delivery have made gameplay noticeably smoother and more responsive, with no visual tearing to disrupt your heightened immersion.

The benefits of higher and variable refresh rates have been confined to desktop monitors and gaming laptops that lack the sheer size to hang with big-screen TVs, but not anymore. The new ROG Swift PG65 Big Format Gaming Display with NVIDIA® G-SYNC® cranks a 65” 4K panel up to 120Hz with HDR. It’s the ultimate screen for gaming at scale, especially if you’re supersizing the battlestation in your gaming den, and there’s an NVIDIA® SHIELD® built in to take care of all your Android TV streaming needs.


Go big or go home

At 65 inches, the screen stretches across more than 12 square feet of surface area  Its 3840x2160 resolution packs over eight million pixels into that space, showing every detail in games and Ultra HD videos.

Direct-lit, full-array backlighting pushes the peak luminance to an incredibly bright 1000 nits. Localized dimming enables deeper blacks, producing a broad dynamic range that allows the Swift PG65 to support HDR content. The screen also covers the cinema-grade DCI-P3 color gamut, which contains a much larger range of colors than the sRGB gamut used by typical PC monitors. Wide viewing angles ensure the colors stay true even when you’re viewing the screen from askew.

Putting the Gaming in BFGD

There are lots of jumbo 4K displays with HDR, so the PG65 isn’t unique in that regard. What makes it special is the ability to saturate your eyeballs with more frames per second. Displays of this size are usually limited to 60Hz; even if they claim higher refresh rates, they use interpolation rather than new frames to fill in the gaps. With support for 120Hz input, the PG65 provides a true 120-FPS experience.

Maintaining a solid 120 FPS at the native 4K resolution requires hardcore GPU horsepower, especially in demanding games. To smooth out the stuttering that can occur when performance dips below the maximum refresh rate, the PG65 uses NVIDIA G-SYNC technology to synchronize with the frame rate of compatible GeForce graphics cards. The display refreshes only when new frames are ready, resulting in buttery gameplay that’s free from the visual tearing associated with disabling Vsync.

G-SYNC combines with the 120Hz refresh rate to reduce latency, a critical component of how connected you feel to the game. The Swift PG65 features ultra-low latency; the time from display input to pixel response is comparable to G-SYNC desktop gaming monitors, delivering a responsive giant-screen gaming experience.


Premium streaming built in

The integrated NVIDIA SHIELD is the most advanced Android streamer around and has baked-in support for the biggest services, including Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, and Hulu, plus the Google Play Store. Streaming isn’t limited to video, either. NVIDIA GameStream™ lets you stream games from GeForce-equipped PCs on your home network. You can kick back with the bundled remote and controller, and even use the built-in Google Assistant to control the Shield with your voice.

While gamers need a high refresh rate that varies with their system’s FPS, cinephiles crave support for very specific fixed rates that perfectly match source films. Thanks to G-SYNC variable refresh rate and variable overdrive technology, the PG65 supports video playback at native frame rates, including popular 23.976, 24, and 25-FPS formats. Footage is displayed exactly as the director intended, with no interpolation or other fudging.


Pricing and availability

Pricing and additional details will be released closer to the availability date, which is expected to be later this year. In the meantime, you can see the ROG Swift PG65 BFGD at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. Visit us at the ASUS ROG suite from January 9-12. The PG65 is also being shown by appointment in the NVIDIA gaming press suite at the Wynn Las Vegas.

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