Meet the ROG Strix B450-I Gaming and Strix B450-F Gaming motherboards for Ryzen CPUs

Jul 31, 2018 Written by:ROG Article


AMD’s new B450 chipset brings Socket AM4 to a fresh wave of affordable motherboards primed for the latest Ryzen CPUs. Pinnacle Ridge processors boast up to eight cores with monstrous multithreaded muscle, and Raven Ridge chips with integrated Radeon Vega graphics deliver smooth 1080p gaming and 4K HDR video. Both are unlocked for easy overclocking, giving gamers and enthusiasts a versatile platform with potent potential. The ROG Strix B450-I Gaming offers full-size flavor in a compact Mini-ITX package, while the Strix B450-F Gaming adds ATX capacity for more cards and cooling.

Powerful cooling and tuning refined over generations

ROG is the original gaming motherboard brand, with roots that go back more than a decade to the very first Crosshair for AMD CPUs. Over the years, we’ve gained an intimate understanding of what it takes to get the most out of PC hardware.

Effective cooling is especially important for gamers and enthusiasts, so ROG Strix B450 motherboards make it smarter with Fan Xpert 4. System fans usually respond to changes in CPU or chassis temperatures, which isn’t ideal for gaming loads that heat up the GPU more than other components. Fan Xpert links them to the GPU temperature of select ASUS and ROG graphics cards to improve airflow when gamers need it most.

The cooling also works with a header for external temperature probes that can be affixed to any component or location in your system. Both boards automatically adapt to three-pin DC and four-pin PWM fans, and they include headers tailored for AIO liquid coolers like the new ROG Ryujin and Ryuo make setup a snap. The Extreme Quiet mode even takes the guesswork out of optimizing for lower acoustics.

If performance is your top priority, the intuitive tweaking options in our renowned UEFI and utility software pair perfectly with Ryzen’s overclocking-friendly unlocked multipliers. Beginners and experts have everything needed to fine-tune their rigs, including a new search function that instantly seeks out specific settings, making quick adjustments a breeze even if you’re unfamiliar with the interface. Once everything is dialed in, you can save and share the configuration, and even update the firmware without losing your settings. With a few simple clicks, the UEFI’s integrated flashing tool automatically downloads and installs the latest firmware without even entering the operating system.

Advanced features for discerning gamers and enthusiasts

The Strix B450-I and B450-F Gaming both wear predominantly blacked-out designs inscribed with cyber-text patterns that match other recent ROG hardware. This subtle motif sets the stage for stealthy builds, and it provides a neutral foundation for custom colors via onboard lighting and headers for multiple RGB strips. Aura Sync coordinates illumination across a diverse ecosystem of products that can cover your entire system and even extend into your environment through Philips Hue integration and accessories like the ROG Terminal and Spotlight.

SupremeFX amps up the onboard audio with dual amplifiers for headsets, plus the ability to add virtual surround sound to stereo cans. We’ve added a low-dropout regulator to clean up power for the S1220A codec, which achieves a pristine output SNR of 120dB. 

Ample storage options are available on both boards, including dual M.2 slots connected directly to the CPU, complete with support for super-fast RAID configs. You can also use AMD’s StoreMI technology to combine solid-state and mechanical drives to maximize speed and storage. This flexible solution seamlessly moves frequently used data to the fastest available drive and shifts rarely accessed files to the slowest, which accelerates boot times and ensures your favorite games, applications, and files load as fast as possible. More than just simple caching, StoreMI enables a multi-tiered approach that can include multiple SSDs and even a portion of DDR4 system memory.

Get your Mini-ITX fix with the ROG Strix B450-I Gaming

Storage and sound share the stage in the ROG Strix B450-I Gaming, whose M.2 Audio Combo card stacks components vertically to compensate for the compact Mini-ITX footprint. The riser moves sensitive audio circuitry away from board-level noise and also includes backlit jacks that clearly differentiate between inputs and outputs. An M.2 drive goes on top, covered by a heatsink that helps SSDs maintain top speed under sustained loads that could otherwise induce throttling.

Integration is key for this form factor, which is why the B450-I adds 802.11ac WiFi that provides cable-free connectivity right out of the box. The dual-band implementation has a 2x2 antenna and supports MU-MIMO; under the right conditions, it’s capable of reaching speeds up to 867Mbps. The HDMI 2.0b output pushes 4K displays up to 60Hz and supports additional features available with AMD’s latest integrated Radeons.

While the ROG Strix B450-I Gaming has the right ingredients for small integrated graphics builds, it can also run with the big dogs—and even surpass them in some areas. The two-DIMM setup allows more direct traces than the four-slot config on most boards, which combines with exclusive ASUS DRAM OC Profiles to drive memory up to DDR4-3600, a 400MHz bump over our other B450 boards. The onboard lighting also goes further with a fully backlit edge, plus a second RGB header compatible with addressable gear that offers control over each individual LED.

The ROG Strix B450-F Gaming has the right formula for ATX

The Strix B450-F Gaming stretches across a larger area with more expansion capacity for beefier builds. There’s enough room for two SafeSlots reinforced to hold heavier graphics cards, plus a third physical x16 slot that provides maximum flexibility for other devices. To accommodate the additional cooling required for a fully loaded rig, the number of onboard fan headers climbs to six, with one defaulting to an AIO-friendly full-speed config. You can easily power all the cooling for a complete ATX machine.

Integrating the I/O shield means you’ll never forget to attach it, neatly avoiding one of the most common mistakes people make when building a PC. Nestled into the I/O shroud, it gives the board a much cleaner look. The nameplate on the PCH heatsink is swappable, so you can opt for a subtler alternative included in the box. Both use a reflective material to create a unique look that’s accentuated by ambient lighting. With two Aura Sync headers for RGB strips and an illuminated shroud, the Strix B450-F Gaming is equipped to turn heads.


  Strix B450-I Gaming Strix B450-F Gaming
Size Mini-ITX microATX
Chipset AMD B450 AMD B450
Memory 2 x DDR4 3600MHz 4 x DDR4 3200MHz
PCIe 1 x16 (CPU) 3 x16 (2 CPU, 1 PCH)
3 x1
M.2 slots 2 x4 (CPU) 2 x4 (CPU)
SATA ports 4 6
Ethernet Intel 1G Intel 1G
WiFi Intel 802.11ac NA
Audio SupremeFX S1220A SupremeFX S1220A
USB 3.1 Gen 2 2 Type-A 2 Type-A
Aura Sync headers 1 strip, 1 addressable 2 strip
Price $159.99 USD / $201.59 CAD $129.99 USD / $163.79 CAD
Availability (USA) Amazon
Micro Center
Availability (Canada) Memory Express Memory Express

Part of a larger ROG Ryzen family

ROG Strix B450 motherboards join our lineup of higher-end Socket AM4 boards based on the X470 chipset. They’re available starting today from the North American retailers listed in the table above. Check with your local ROG rep for details on pricing and availability in other regions.