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Tap or slide right to go right... ...and left to go left Tap or slide up to get through small spaces Tap or slide down to go under obstacles Press the right arrow to go right... ...and the left arrow to go left Press the up arrow key to get through small spaces Press the down arrow to go under obstacles
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Go with the flow

A laptop that adapts to you. With the power to shift and transform, ROG FLOW keeps up with the rhythm of your life – from high-end gaming to your favourite series on the go.

the game


Designed with versatility in mind.

With a 360° hinge, these laptops can adapt itself to any situation. Lift the lid for work and play. Change from clamshell to stand, tablet or tent mode for close-quarters gaming and get improved cooling that lowers processor temperatures for peak gaming performance. Push the screen back to enjoy a touchscreen tablet with active stylus support for drawing and taking notes, or get hands-on with your favourite games.

Image of floating lamp from ROG video
Image of floating football from ROG video
Playtime. Anytime Playtime. Anytime Playtime. Anytime Playtime. Anytime
Image of a floating cube from a sports pitch


Tablet gaming has never been this powerful.

With a 13-inch touchscreen display, all your favourite mobile and touch compatible games are supported on the ROG Flow Z13. The built-in kickstand can be opened to 170 degrees, ensuring optimal viewing angles for your favourite games or movies, no matter where you are. Or for a traditional PC gaming experience, connect your favourite wireless mouse with our integrated keyboard!

Detached laptop 1 Detached laptop 2 Detached laptop 3