[Motherboard] How to enable or disable Secure Boot ?


Set Secure Boot state

Check Secure Boot state



(For example: ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO)

Set Secure Boot state


1. Power on the system and press [Delete] key to enter BIOS [Advanced Mode] as below picture


2. Click [Boot] as below picture


3. Click [Secure Boot] option as below picture


4. OS Type Default is Other OS

Other OS: Secure Boot state is off

Windows UEFI mode: Secure Boot state is on


5. Secure Boot state as below

Secure Boot State:The option is in gray as default and can't manually set. It is synced with Secure Boot Keys


User: with Secure Boot Keys

Setup: no Secure Boot Keys

The Key Management is in gray when Secure Boot Mode is set to Standard

Secure Boot State in BIOSOS TypeSecure Boot ModeKey ManagementSecure Boot State in operating system
UserOther OSCustomerDefaultOff
UserOther OSStandardN/AOff
SetupOther OSCustomerClear Secure Boot KeysOff
SetupWindows UEFI modeCustomerClear Secure Boot KeysOff
UserWindows UEFI modeCustomerDefaultOn
UserWindows UEFI modeStandardN/AOn



Check Secure Boot state

1. Press [WIN]+[R] key together and then input msinfo32 as below picture


2. Find [Secure Boot State] option. If it shows as Off , it means Secure Boot is disabled.


If it shows as On, it means Secure Boot is Enabled.