The ROG Tessen puts you in full control of your mobile games on any phone

Jan 09, 2024 Written by:Whitson Gordon


Some games feel right at home on a touch screen, with simple controls that are just natural under your thumbs. Other times, you really want a physical set of buttons, joysticks, and a D-Pad for full, precise control. Enter the ROG Tessen, a foldable game controller designed to fit a variety of smartphones for more serious gaming on the go. 

Sure, you could bring a full-size controller like the ROG Raikiri Pro in your backpack, and connect it to your phone over Bluetooth. But the Tessen was designed to be even more portable: its ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold while you game, and fold up for easy stowing when it's time to move. Its durable aluminum bridges provide ultra stable support for your phone while gaming, and its eco-friendly reusable packaging even turns into a stand for the controller when not in use. 

We also made the Tessen compatible with a wide range of phones, with a standard USB Type-C port for connectivity and support pads of varying thicknesses to accommodate different size phones and cases, between 7 and 14.5mm in thickness. Whether you’re using the latest ROG Phone 8 or something else entirely, the Tessen stands ready to take your gaming to the next level. 


We built the Tessen to be the ultimate mobile controller, with an asymmetrical layout using console-grade sticks and outward-extended ergonomic handles for comfortable gameplay. A 500Hz polling rate provides lightning-fast responsiveness with in competitive games, so you always have the advantage over your opponents. 

Mechanical switches for the face buttons and D-Pad give you just the right amount of tactile feedback, and the Tessen’s 18mm ALPS joysticks allow for 22° angled movement for precise control. If you’re a racing enthusiast, the Tessen’s analog triggers are perfect for fine-tuned acceleration and braking. We even added an ROG Button for easy access to Armoury Crate and two rear paddles along the grips for easy access under your fingertips. These paddles can be programmed on-the-fly with multifunction commands of your choice for a customizable experience. 

Finally, Aura RGB lighting allows you to play in style, providing unique lighting effects to choose from while you game. And with 18W pass-through charging, you never have to worry about running out of battery in the middle of a match. 

The ROG Tessen controller is just one of the many new products that we’re announcing at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Click here to learn more about our latest laptops, monitors, peripherals, and more. And for more information on pricing and availability of the ROG Tessen in your region, contact your local ASUS representative.