Craft the ultimate water cooling loop with the ROG Ryujin III Water Block

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Jan 09, 2024 Written by:ROG Article

The ROG Ryujin III water block, with an ROG logo on screen.

While all-in-one coolers offer mainstream gamers easy access to liquid cooling, we know there are hardcore enthusiasts who will always go with a custom loop. That’s why we offer our ROG Maximus Formula series of motherboards, built to be integrated into a high-end liquid cooled build. Today, we’re excited to announce another component built for showpiece rigs: the beloved ROG Ryujin III is now available as a standalone water block, complete with a customizable LCD screen for an ultra-customized look. 

Fans of our AIO coolers will be familiar with the Ryujin series, offering a 3.5-inch full-color LCD screen on the water block that can be used to show system stats, custom animations, and more. The ROG Ryujin III water block comes with all the same features, including Asetek’s innovative cold plate technology — but this version eschews the built-in pump, so you can integrate it into your fully custom water cooling setup. Along the bottom, you’ll see an inlet and outlet, where you can attach the two included 90° hard-tube fittings (with G1/4” threads). Available in both black and white, the ROG Ryujin III water block is the perfect companion to a fully custom build, no matter your color scheme. 

The ROG Ryujin III water block is just one of the many new products that we’re announcing at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Click here to learn more about our latest laptops, monitors, peripherals, and more. And for more information on pricing and availability of the ROG Ryujin III water block in your region, contact your local ASUS representative.