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ROG reveals Balteus mousing surfaces with RGB lighting and Qi wireless charging

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Any decent mouse can track on the majority of surfaces with enough precision for browsing the web or sending email, but for gaming, you want something geared for absolute precision. Not all tracking surfaces are created equal, so the pad you pick is just as important as the mouse you use. Dirt, fraying fabric, and wear are the enemy of fast actions, and they all have an impact on your movements translating as intended. Over time, the surface of your favorite mouse mat is going to change. Not even your bare desk is immune to longer term deterioration from the constant friction of your mouse moving back and forth over the same spot. It's important to invest in a quality surface that will last.

The new ROG Balteus mouse surface is a gaming-grade mouse surface designed for consistency. The hard plastic doesn't pick up dirt or oils like a fabric mouse mat, and its extra large, portrait design gives you ample space for movement in any direction, regardless of your position while you play. Throw optional Qi wireless charging for topping up your phone while you play and Aura Sync with 15 customizabale zones and you'll never use another freebie fabric pad.

Surface-deep similarities

Both versions of the Balteus were made to be positioned in portrait as opposed to laid out in landscape. They extend 37cm high, eliminating the need to adjust the position of the mouse pad to suit different styles of play. Whether you're hunched over the desk or leaning back in your chair, you won't need to push the pad backwards or drag it closer to accommodate. We didn't just take a traditional mouse pad and rotate it 90 degrees, though. At 32cm across, you still get tons of width for tracking side-to-side. The ability to line up the edge of the pad with the desk without sacrificing any depth is also a bonus. It cuts down on any discomfort from the edge of the pad digging into your wrist. 


We opted for a durable hard surface that offers consistent tracking, but getting it just right took careful consideration. We tested an even harder option but it generated an uncomfortable amount of friction so we ditched it in favor of something a little easier on the wrist. Underneath is a solid, no-slip rubber base to hold the Balteus securely in place even when the game gets out of hand.

The entire pad is framed with vibrant RGB lighting and you can customize the glow with various colors and behaviors. There are 15 light zones around the edge along with the illuminated ROG logo for an immense level of personalization. You can also match colors and patterns with other Aura Sync-compatible gear, like our ROG Strix Flare RGB keyboard and the freshly unveiled Gladius II Wireless optical mouse.

The top cylinder is a control box that is equipped with a button toggle to switch between the various lighting profiles. Since an adequate USB-count can be challenging as you accrue new peripherals, we added a USB 2.0 pass-through to the control box, too.

Freedom is Qi

ROG Balteus Qi-3D22

The ROG Balteus Qi kicks things up a notch in terms of functionality by incorporating a Qi wireless charger. Located in the top right corner, it will charge your phone while you play without forcing you to crawl under the desk to find a USB port to plug into. The Balteus's extra tall tracking area means there's plenty of room for both phone and mouse on the mat. Your phone will always be close at hand but it won't be in the way. The Balteus Qi plugs into the wall via a MicroUSB cable that's extra long to account for outlets that are a little further afield. A little light on the control cylinder serves as a handy visual indicator when your phone is charging.

On the surface

The ROG Balteus offers precise tracking across its rigid surface without compromising comfort. The taller portrait orientation lends itself to a variety of positions when gaming and RGB lighting around the peripheral lets you add your own style with the ability to customize the mat to match the rest of your system. Optional Qi wireless charging makes the Balteus a multi-functional peripheral capable of topping up mobile devices, too. The ROG Balteus and Balteus Qi will be available soon with pricing to be announced closer to the release date. Check with your local ROG representative for availability in your region.

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