The 3 Craziest PC Survival Games

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Sep 07, 2016 Written by:ROG Article

For those of us who live cushy lives where "survival" means going to the grocery store each week, the prospect of getting dumped into a dangerous virtual world and fending for ourselves offers a unique thrill. Death visits often and from the places you least expect in the survival game genre, but figuring out how to thwart it against grueling odds is a big part of the fun. From staving off starvation and avoiding becoming someone else's dinner to battling rampaging dinos and ravenous zombie hordes, these three must-play PC survival games are packed to the brim with some of the most intense craziness the genre has to offer.



Rust gameplay courtesy of YouTube

Deliciously unforgiving and vast in its range of curious survival encounters, Rust drops you, naked, into an open-world island where you'll scavenge, build, and battle your way through a life-and-death struggle against the elements and other human players. Starting with a torch, a rock, and some bandages, your only objective is to stay alive by any means necessary as you work your way up to nabbing guns and explosives, crafting gear, and building elaborate bases. The lawless landscape makes for plenty of weird interactions with other players, ranging from charming and collaborative to murderous and outright bizarre.

Quickie Survival tip: Cannibalism

Running low on food? No sweat! Rust lets you kill, cook, and eat other players. While it sounds morbid, it's actually one of the more popular features the game's enthusiastic user base has been clamoring for. That might tell you a little something about what to expect from this anarchistic experience.



DayZ gameplay courtesy of YouTube

It feels like no post-apocalyptic survival horror world is quite complete without moaning hordes of flesh-eating undead to contend with. Risking being torn apart by mobs of meandering zombies makes for intense runs into more urban areas to scavenge for supplies, but other human players are equally deadly and deranged in this eerie open-world romp. DayZ's spookier spin on survival adventure intensifies, too, when juggling limited flashlight power and the risk of losing everything when you die.

Quickie Survival Tip: Trust no one

At least you know what to expect from your undead adversaries, but human players are often dangerously unpredictable in DayZ. Many people you encounter would rather shoot first — or worse, considering you can handcuff people — than risk getting blindsided, so be extra cautious with these risky encounters.

Ark: Survival Evolved


Ark: Survival Evolved gameplay courtesy of YouTube

Sure, plenty of open-world survival games are sporting zombies these days, but Ark: Survival Evolvedthrows you into the pit with much bigger predators: giant dinosaurs. If you've dreamed of taming deadly dinos, mounting them with Gatling guns, and riding into glorious battle, this is most definitely the game for you. The mash-up of prehistoric fantasy and subtle sci-fi trappings make for an intriguing bid for survival.

Quickie Survival Tip: Make friends fast

Surviving encounters with the game's larger beasts requires lots of teamwork, and even then there's no guarantee you'll make it through unscathed. Playing nice with other players makes it easier to tackle bigger tasks when you need a few friendly comrades-in-arms.

Finding the power to persevere

Speaking of survival, it's hard to keep cool during critical split-second live-or-die encounters when your performance tanks in the heat of the moment. Unexpected lag or graphical chugging at the worst possible time during a raid or in the midst of a zombie slaughter-fest can cost you dearly. It's well-worth doubling down on the right tech so you can avoid any issues and keep everything running smoothly when you're in the fray.

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By Nathan Meunier