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Power to the Republic: introducing the ROG Thor 1200W Platinum PSU

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Since ROG’s inception 12 years ago, we’ve been on a mission to spread innovation to the different components comprising gaming and enthusiast PCs. More recently, we’ve also worked to ensure that these different pieces fit together more meaningfully, allowing you to build a complete system that reflects ROG style with your own personal flavor.

The new ROG Thor 1200W Platinum PSU exemplifies these efforts. Although this is the first power supply from the Republic of Gamers, it’s hardly a rookie move. We’ve amped up the cooling on a proven design and infused it with customizable Aura Sync lighting and a real-time wattage display. The result is a premium PSU that’s perfectly at home in high-end ROG rigs.


Prodigious power goes platinum

From the very beginning, our engineers have been obsessed with pursuing peak performance. The overclocked CPUs and multiple GPUs required to push the limits consume considerable power, and they need access to a pristine supply to maintain stability on the cutting edge. That’s why we’re starting our PSU family with a 1200W unit that has enough juice to power the over-the-top machines PC enthusiasts dream about. Later this year, it will be joined by an 850W version tailored for gaming PCs that aren’t quite as extreme.

The ROG Thor 1200W Platinum ensures reliable power delivery with phenomenal efficiency. True to its name, it has 80 Plus Platinum certification that guarantees efficiency around 90% for a wide range of loads and input voltages. We’re so confident in its durability that the PSU warranty lasts for 10 years, a first for ROG. (10-year warranty does not apply to OLED and RGB lighting.)

All 1200W can be fed through the 12V rail to provide maximum power to hungry components like high-end CPUs and GPUs. An OLED on the side displays the PSU’s total output wattage in real time, so you can see how much power your system is pulling under different loads. Wattage tracking happens entirely on the PSU, with no external software required to keep the OLED updated.

Inside-out cooling upgrades

The ROG Thor was developed by our graphics card division, which has lots of cooling expertise. They saw opportunities for enhancement, starting with beefier heatsinks that improve heat dissipation for the hottest elements inside. The heavy metal upgrade lowers the internal temperature, allowing the PSU to sustain stealthy silence for typical gaming loads.

Like Strix graphics cards, the PSU only turns on its fan when necessary. This 0dB mode helps to minimize your system’s acoustic footprint for the lighter loads that make up much of everyday use. You can also press a button on the back to make the fan spin constantly, which improves cooling for extreme overclocking, heavy lifting, and other tasks that push your PC to the limit.

To make the PSU a more integral part of system cooling, we designed the Thor 1200W Platinum to sit with its fan facing up, pulling air from inside the chassis and dumping it out the back. The 135-mm Wing-Blade fan is based on the same technology we use in high-end Strix graphics cards. It’s designed for efficient airflow and boasts IPX5 dust resistance that prevents small particles from interfering with the rotor. Anti-dust protection is particularly important for PSUs because, unlike with graphics cards and CPU coolers, it’s more difficult to remove the fan for regular cleaning.

Taking PSUs out of the shadows

The power supply is hidden in many chassis, perhaps because PSUs tend to look pretty plain. But we think every piece of your PC should have a chance to shine, so the exterior is customized with recognizable ROG aesthetics that blend in seamlessly with our other components. The Thor 1200W Platinum looks especially good in the Strix concept chassis we’re showing at Computex.

Red lighting illuminates the PSU by default, echoing ROG’s roots as the original PC gaming hardware brand. The integrated LEDs can also be controlled by the addressable RGB headers on recent ROG motherboards, making it easy to customize and match the glow with other Aura Sync gear.

The ROG Thor 1200W Platinum looks striking even with the lights out. Its blacked-out body matches our recent motherboard designs, and the theme extends all the way down the black PCBs inside. While few will ever see this small internal detail, we’re committed to a premium product inside and out. That includes shipping the PSU with individually sleeved cables for the motherboard and graphics cards, plus combs to keep the leads neatly aligned. These upgraded cables give you everything needed for a showcase rig right out of the box.

Power up at Computex 2018

Unveiled at Computex 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan, the ROG Thor 1200W Platinum PSU provides another piece of the puzzle for high-end ROG builds. You can see it at our Computex booth from June 5-9 and look for it on shelves in Q3. The 850W model is also slated to arrive in Q3.

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