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  • PC Magazine

    Editor's Choice

    The Asus ROG Keris II Ace has the specs pro gamers need from a wireless mouse: a high DPI ceiling and an 8,000Hz polling rate with not a gram of weight more than necessary.

    UNITED STATES 04/29/2024
  • gamezoom.net

    Hardwarezoom purchase recommendation

    ASUS has more than succeeded with the successor to the ROG Keris.

    GERMANY 04/19/2024
  • GameWave

    18 out of 20

    The ROG Keris II Ace mouse shines thanks to its successful combination of comfort and high performance, making it one of the very best peripherals for esport gamers. Its compact size makes for a pleasant grip, enhanced by its well-designed shape.

    FRANCE 05/12/2024
  • Frandroid

    9 out of 10

    ... an impeccable mouse for gamers

    FRANCE 04/24/2024
  • Techgaming.nl

    High-priced, but it's worth every penny

    From the ergonomics, the extreme specifications, the LED/RGB integration, the extremely light weight, to a good battery life, ASUS has developed a very impressive mouse.

    NETHERLANDS 05/13/2024
  • Techtesters.eu

    Editor's Choice

    ...low weight, sturdy build, top sensor experience, top primary and secondary switches, excellent battery life plus some extra features such as the Bluetooth mode and some upgrades such as the polling rate booster.

    NETHERLANDS 04/22/2024
  • Nextgame


    a mouse that takes your gaming to the next level

    SPAIN 06/13/2024
  • Wikiversus


    one of the lightest mice on the market

    SPAIN 06/10/2024

Revues vidéo

  • You can configure absolutely everything on the application

  • ROG's latest competitive mouse for competitive in-game gaming to help you win at the competitive level.

  • Honestly, I'm very impressed with the work Asus has done lately, because just think - in just two years we've gone from asking "Why should I buy an Asus mouse when there are others" to "Which Asus mouse should I buy - Harpe Ace or Keris 2"

  • Review Asus ROG Keris II ACE | The most expensive gaming wireless mouse from Asus. Is it worth it?

  • PC setup without CABLES! - Does this make sense?

  • We're building a KOMP for 200 000! (but we can't do it)

    L'avis des médias

    • The Asus ROG Keris II Ace has the specs pro gamers need from a wireless mouse

      PC Magazine

      UNITED STATES 04/29/2024
    • The Asus ROG Keris II Ace excels as a super lightweight yet larger gaming mouse, delivering top-notch in-game performance where it counts.


      UNITED STATES 05/08/2024
    • The Asus ROG Keris II Ace mouse is a gaming accessory that transcends its primary function by turning itself into a real precision weapon. Its ergonomic design, cutting-edge performance, advanced customisation and modern aesthetics make it an ideal companion for any type of adventure.


      FRANCE 04/21/2024
    • Asus has come up with a really interesting product, with components worthy of a top mouse and surprisingly good build quality. The price is high, but considering the products offered by the competition, the marketing and positioning costs typical of brands of this size, and the collaboration with Aim Lab, it is a demand that is in keeping with the type of product.


      ITALY 06/21/2024
    • The ROG Keris II WL Ace excels in every field in which it is put to the test, especially in gaming, providing gamers with a real benchmark for competitive and non-competitive gaming approaches.


      ITALY 05/21/2024
    • The ASUS ROG Falchion RX Low Profile and ROG Keris II Ace combo is indicative of a change that ROG is pursuing under precise indications from its community and its Pro players. ASUS Returns to Aesthetics essential aesthetics, but without forgetting the quest for technological advancement that allows for finally convincing low-profile mechanical keyboards and gaming mice with hallucinating precision.


      ITALY 05/03/2024
    • So if I were to close my eyes to the price, this is another quality addition that Asus has nothing to be ashamed of and I'm glad I got to try it out.


      CZECH REPUBLIC 06/11/2024