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  • iF Design Award 2024

    iF Design Award 2024

    ROG Rapture GT-BE98 WiFi 7 Quad-band Gaming Router won the iF Design Award 2024, one of the world's most prestigious design awards.

    GERMANY 03/08/2024
  • CharlesTech

    9.3 out of 10

    For all gamers looking for absolute performance, the Asus ROG Rapture GT BE98 is undoubtedly the Wi-Fi router for you…

    FRANCE 03/03/2024
  • JeuxVideo.com

    5 stars out of 5

    The Rapture GT-BE98 offers everything you'd expect to be able to fully control a private network using the latest technologies, while adding tons of useful features for home users.

    FRANCE 01/01/2024
  • Techtesters.eu

    Best of 2023 Gold

    The gold award here easily goes to the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-BE98, the thickest, most high-end WiFi 7 router at the moment.

    NETHERLANDS 03/07/2024
  • Guru3d


    For users prioritizing high-performance and advanced networking, the ASUS GT-BE98 is a significant consideration.

    NETHERLANDS 12/15/2023
  • PC För Alla

    4/5 Recommend

    An uncompromising router for tech-savvy enthusiasts who just have to be first with the very best and latest

    SWEDEN 02/13/2024
  • Root Nation

    9.7 from 10

    In any case, we think it's a product worth spending money on if you need a high-performance quad-band router with extensive configuration options and gaming features. The ASUS ROG Rapture GT-BE98 is one of the best routers on the market, and I recommend it not only to gamers but also to those who are used to investing in the future.

    UKRAINE 03/02/2024
  • BUG online

    Inovation award

    Wireless and wired connection options Excellent performance and stability Gamers and fans of SF will appreciate the design A wealth of functionality and customization options Special optimizations for games Handy mobile app

    CROATIA 02/27/2024

Revues vidéo

  • Unboxing ROG Rapture GT-BE98 Quad-band WiFi 7 (802.11be) Gaming Router

  • WiFi 7 is FINALLY HERE: ROG Rapture GT-BE98!

  • Setup and Speed Test - Asus BE98 WiFi 7 Router

  • The system can be described in one word: Colossal

  • This speed is crazy!

  • For me, this is a real flagship. I am looking forward to the development of this router and to the development of devices with Wi-Fi 7.

  • This PC does NOT have cables ****

  • We've got Wifi 7, we're ready! The new 420mm heatsink and what tempered glass can also be used for

  • ASUS ROG Rapture GT-BE98 / ROG Harpe Ace AIM Lab / ROG STRIX Scope II (The best for gamers) XkoGuru

  • Today we have before us the first WiFi 7 router that we had the opportunity to try, and it is the powerful Asus gaming model ROG Rapture GT-BE98.

  • Video review from the channel THE ROCO

L'avis des médias

  • やっぱりASUSはこうでなきゃ! クアッドバンド対応のWi-Fi 7ルーター ASUS ROG Rapture GT-BE98

    Internet Watch

    JAPAN 05/07/2024
  • "a future-proof & feature rich premium device"


    UNITED KINGDOM 02/01/2024
  • The ASUS ROG Rapture GT-BE98 is a monster of a router and is ahead of finalizing its Wi-Fi 7 specifications.


    NETHERLANDS 01/20/2024
  • The ASUS ROG GT- BE98 router is incredibly fast! It has very good tools, the processor is very good, it offers several ports and the possibility to support external storage. The mesh system is easy to configure and works perfectly.

    Blink 46

    ITALY 04/27/2024
  • We tested the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-BE98 Router for enthusiast gamers in various contexts. With a claimed speed of 11529Mbp/s, it ushers in a new era of high-speed wireless data transfer. By aggregating multiple bands together, Wi-Fi 7 boosts transfer speeds like never before.

    Hardware Upgrade

    ITALY 04/02/2024
  • However, for those enthusiasts who have already equipped their homes with a fast wired connection, are customers of a good provider, and are planning to upgrade other devices (laptop, PC network card, and smartphone with Wi-Fi 7), this router can definitely become a gaming changer.


    UKRAINE 03/27/2024

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