Join the ROG SAGA once more

May 31, 2023 Written by:ROG Article

OMNI, AchT, and the rest of the ROG crew return with another chapter in the ongoing ROG SAGA. This time, HORSEM4N and SE7EN are participating in the illustrious Mayflower Gigapolis Belt Rally, a Cybercycle race across Civitas PATIENCA, when they run into a little bit of mechanical trouble. Thanks to the dynamic duo of OMNI and AchT, Team ROG is able to take a leap of faith and secure the top spot on the leaderboard. 

Yet, wherever the light shines, darkness follows. While the team celebrates this small victory, HORSEM4N’s nemesis Patrick K. Drakula (PKD) is plotting something nefarious. Using the rally as a cover, he’s set to trap HORSEM4N once and for all. You can check out the first cinematic film below, and catch up on the ROG SAGA story so far right here. This isn’t the end for our heroes, either – keep an eye out for another chapter next year. 

SE7EN and HORSEM4N race away on Cybercycles