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  • Red Dot

    2023 Red Dot Product Design

    ROG Hyperion GR701 won the 2023 Red Dot Product Design Award, a world-renowned design award.

    GERMANY 04/07/2023
  • Hardwareluxx

    HardwareLUXX Technik Award

    ASUS can offer an upper-class case with the ROG Hyperion GR701 that not only goes its own way in design and material use, but also in various detail solutions.

    GERMANY 03/21/2023
  • Guru3d

    Top Pick

    The ROG Hyperion, with its abundant features such as increased cooling capabilities, spacious design, ergonomic layout, plentiful power, and distinctive style, is undoubtedly a cut above the average.

    NETHERLANDS 06/14/2023
  • Bunnygaming.com

    9.5 out of 10

    Introducing the ASUS ROG Hyperion GR701, a cutting-edge PC case designed by ASUS to replace its predecessor, the ROG Helios. According to reports, the ROG Hyperion is the ultimate in PC case technology. Rather than simply regurgitating specs, I will provide my personal interpretation of what the ROG Hyperion represents.

    MALAYSIA 03/30/2023
  • NewEsc España


    A titan you need to fill

    SPAIN 06/01/2023
  • Profesional Review


    Unique by design and approach to internal components.

    SPAIN 04/10/2023
  • smartworld.it

    Smartworld Score

    ASUS ROG Hyperion GR701 is a product made to impress, for those who want a very customizable case full of special features. Perfect for assembling a super powerful build, perhaps with custom liquid cooling for CPU and GPU. It has plenty of space inside and lots of LEDs just about everywhere. If you have a large enough space in which to place it and, most importantly, can shoulder its exorbitant cost, it is certainly one of the most spectacular cases on the market right now.

    ITALY 04/10/2023
  • Cowcotland

    Gold Award

    ASUS has come up with a very good case with its GR701. It has a sharp style, is very well built, offers a plethora of equipment and benefits from materials that are pleasing to the eye. RGB isn't forgotten, but it's not excessive. Everything is fully filtered and the cooling performance is very good.

    FRANCE 09/22/2023

Avaliação de Vídeos

  • The Ultimate 4090 PC?! | ROG GR701 HYPERION Gaming PC Build | ASUS Strix 4090, i9 13900K Custom Loop

  • HYPERION, Is the Future ASUS ROG Case Worth it ?

  • This is a feature build in which we have use ASUS ROG Hyperion as our highlight.

  • Get ready to take your gaming setup to the next level with the ROG Hyperion casing! In this video, we'll be taking a closer look at this stunning piece of hardware and exploring all of its amazing features. From its sleek design to its advanced cooling system, the Hyperion is the perfect choice for any serious gamer.

  • The ROG SWIFT PG259QN 360HZ is a top-of-the-line monitor with excellent performance. In fact, what is excellent is not only the image quality but the monitor also passed the color texture test.

  • ASUS' Hyperion case is clean and elegant and is well thought out. This is evidenced by the case's built-in RGB and fan controller, the 8 channels plus the motherboard sync channel, and the radiator slot.

  • The ASUS ROG Hyperion is a beautiful case.

  • The ROG Hyperion GR701 is a beautiful case. It is a Cosmos in the ROG version. The case has said very good qualities and also elements that cannot be found in other cases, such as the accessory and tool tray.

  • Asus Rog Hyperion: https://geni.us/ROGHyperion / http://bit.ly/3ZXadjq (affiliate link)

  • We're building a new high end PC into ROG Hyperion!

  • How to collect the strongest BC in the world (ROG PC)

  • Video review from the channel Starlinecomp

  • Video review from the channel ASUS ROG CIS

  • I'M DOING AN €8500 SETUP CONTEST!!! 😱 (incredible)

  • An ATX, E-ATX compatible case that's colossal in its dimensions, colossal in the materials it uses, and colossal in its functionality!

  • PC Gaming 100 tubers brings brilliant aura to gamers

  • Build PC Gaming 100 million | "Brilliant aura" brought the god again

  • There are also a lot of you out there that just want the most high-end, the most RGB, and most over-the-top hardware.

  • It simply exceeds my expectations.

  • ROG Hyperion GR701 Gaming Case Review

  • Such a system should be visible from afar, and all components should be securely fastened and well ventilated. That is, it is beautiful, spacious and comfortable.

  • You can make a separate 20-minute video about this case, there are so many interesting things in it, so I will talk only about what I liked and what I have questions about.

  • ASUS ROG Hyperion GR701 Build - Step by Step Guide

  • ASUS ROG Hyperion GR701 Build

  • We're building a PC for 170,000 but we can't...

  • The ROG Hyperion GR701 is the king of PC cases and offers the highest quality in both materials and performance.

  • We're building the ULTIMATE Gaming PC equipped with the latest Intel Core i9 14900K, an ROG RTX 4080 and 32 GB of DDR5 at 8000MHz, all installed in the latest ROG case, the Hyperion!

  • With Yada, we build the most powerful AMD Gamer PC possible…

  • Today we're back together with a video in which I test a €4,000 Gamer PC equipped with a 7800x3D and an RX 7900 XTX!

  • The ROG Falchion RX Low Profile has significant potential, is well finished, tastes like a premium product. It mounts proprietary factory lubricated optical switches the rog RX Low profile very fast you touch them and they go from the point of actuation to 1 mm and Total Travel of 2.8 mm. If you're looking for a quiet keyboard, this one is for you it doesn't get loud.

  • We're BUILDING the Gaming PC of KAMETO!

  • I built a huge full ROG Gaming PC worth €4500

  • In this video, I build a SETUP dedicated to eSPORT and competitive gamers with a 540Hz screen, an ROG PC equipped with an RTX 4080 and an i7 14700KF, and low-latency keyboard/mouse peripherals!

  • The ROG hyperion GR 701is a recent build, super functional. This case has mammoth dimensions, it is very convenient, it opens magnetically, the flaps are very convenient for carrying. The build looks clean, everything is spacey and perfectly matched. The video card is beastly, the aesthetic details are great.

  • ASUS ROG Hyperion: a gaming case from another dimension!

  • My setup is all ASUS ROG and includes a build enclosed in the ROG Hyperion GR701 case, the ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless keyboard, the fantastic ROG Moonstone Ace L glass mat, the lightweight ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition mouse, the ROG Falchion ace mini keyboard and the Rog Gladius III mouse.

  • ASUS products are always a guarantee when it comes to giving your workstation personality. The ROG Hyperion is a case with a peculiar and futuristic design. For the setup we used the ASUS ROG Strix Z790 Gaming WiFi 2 motherboard, one of the new motherboards that supports the new WiFi 7 connection standard, with an antenna that takes advantage of clip-on hooks that are much more convenient than screw-on ones.

  • ROG Strix Competitive Gaming Machine!

  • 7800X3D + 7900XTX the BIGGEST AMD Gaming PC

Avaliação de Mídia

  • ASUS White Roundup


    UNITED KINGDOM 07/01/2023
  • What a beautiful model, with its sharp looks and almost exemplary finish! The interior space is simply amazing, and it's pretty intuitive to use [...]. The bundle is substantial and Asus has thought about the aesthetics by adding a vertical support [...] for your graphics card. The available space offers enough room to install a huge liquid cooling system, whether AIO or custom loop.

    Comptoir Du Hardware

    FRANCE 05/30/2023
  • 価格帯別“松竹梅”PC自作プラン~Intelの最新CPUとASUSのパーツでパーフェクトな一台を

    AKIBA PC Hot line!

    JAPAN 12/19/2023
  • デザインと機能性が融合「ROG Hyperion」採用、ASUS尽くしの最強BTOPCの魅力を聞いた


    JAPAN 04/27/2023
  • The ROG Hyperion GR701 is a high-end case, a product for the few that comes on the market at 450-500€ and challenges solutions such as the Cooler Master HAF 700 EVO. It is a real gem for fans of ASUS ROG products who want to configure a PC at the top end of the market and enjoy it in a case capable of ensuring good ventilation, practicality and above all a beautiful look both inside and out.

    Hardware Upgrade

    ITALY 03/14/2023
  • デカすぎる!重さ20kgのモンスターケース、ROG Hyperionで超ハイエンド自作


    JAPAN 07/01/2023
  • Considering the cost of ASUS ROG Hyperion GR701 and taking into account all its advantages and disadvantages, you can make the following generalization. For someone, it is a crazy toy, and someone is a dream of a dream worth any money.


    UKRAINE 07/27/2023
  • COMPLETE SETUP: ROG STRIX X670E-A GAMING WIFI motherboard https://pt.rog.gg/X670E-A ROG STRIX 850W 80 PLUS GOLD White Power Supply https://pt.rog.gg/850G-White ROG STRIX RTX4080 16G OC White Graphics Card https://pt.rog.gg/RTX4080-16G-White ROG HYPERION WHITE Case https://pt.rog.gg/Hyperion-White Cooler ROG Ryujin III 360 ARGB Whitehttps://pt.rog.gg/RyujinIII-White AMD Ryzen™ 9 7950X3D Processor https://pt.rog.gg/AMD-Ryzen-9-7950X3D ASUS PERIPHERALS: 27" ROG PG27AQDM 240 Hz OLED Monitor https:/


    PORTUGAL 11/26/2023
  • 2024冬


    JAPAN 12/29/2023
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