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Avaliação de Vídeos

  • The sound card built in to this motherboard is really, really excellent!

  • The ROG Strix B650E-I Gaming WIFI is an excellent excellent motherboard

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    Avaliação de Mídia

    • Compact, PCIe 5.0, RAM-OC potential


      GERMANY 09/24/2023
    • About two years ago, we were able to craft a decent ITX Gaming PC for only Php 60,000. This year, we’re doubling down the budget(120K ITX Gaming PC Build) to get a more powerful gaming PC packed with just the latest specs.

      Gadget Pilipinas

      PHILIPPINES 07/14/2023
    • The design is very pleasing and follows that of other TUF Gaming products, with large heatsinks on the 12+2 phase VRMs, and 6+8 pin connectors for the CPU, an optimal section for even more power-hungry CPUs than the Ryzen 7600X. This motherboard represents one of the most complete budget-oriented offerings for the AM5 platform, great for high-performance builds with the Ryzen 5 7600X in mind.


      ITALY 11/14/2022
    • All in all, ASUS ROG STRIX B650E-I GAMING WIFI is a high-quality and powerful base for a compact AM5-based build that not only handles flagship processors like Ryzen 9 7900X without any problems, but is also capable of overclocking them.


      UKRAINE 03/28/2024

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