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ROG Cetra II Core

ROG Cetra II Core in-ear gaming headphones with liquid silicone rubber (LSR) drivers and a 3.5 mm connector compatible with PCs, laptops, mobile phones, ROG Phone 5, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch

  • Innovative liquid silicone rubber (LSR) drivers provide stable speaker performance, incredibly strong bass and optimized gaming audio.
  • Virtual 7.1 surround sound supported by Windows Sonic
  • 90° cable connector delivers enhanced comfort for handheld gaming.
  • Lightweight metal housing offers a striking look and scratch resistance, elevating the aesthetic and durability of the exterior.
  • Ergonomic design with ultrasoft LSR ear fins and tips provide a perfectly comfortable fit.
  • 3.5 mm connector enables multiplatform support, including compatibility with mobile phones, PCs, Macs, PlayStation® 5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch™.


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Good audio quality and design

Most people are used to the fact that gaming headphones are something big and dimensional. But for games on smartphones you need special gaming headphones that will be as compact as possible and will have a gaming style.

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Incredible Audio, Immersive Gaming

ROG Cetra II Core in-ear gaming headphones feature specially tuned ASUS Essence drivers for impeccable audio. The headphones allow users to enjoy gaming-grade sound with a wide variety of platforms, including compatibility with PlayStation® 5, Xbox Series X/S, ROG Phone 5, mobile phones, PCs, Macs and Nintendo Switch™. The included ear fins and ear tips are made of LSR for added comfort.

Image of an ROG Phone 5 with ROG Cetra II Core

ASUS Essence drivers

The specially tuned ASUS Essence drivers on ROG Cetra II Core provide deep powerful bass, allowing you to enjoy incredibly immersive and impeccably-detailed in-game audio when playing your favorite titles.

Exploded view of the ASUS Essence driver found in ROG Cetra II Core

The ideal angle for handheld gaming

ROG Cetra II Core comes with a 90° connector that keeps the headphone cable out of the way, improving comfort during portable gaming.

Image of a mobile phone that’s connected to the ROG Cetra II Core, highlighting the headset’s 90-degree connector

Design for your comfort​

A perfectly comfortable fit
Lightweight, durable aluminum housing design

A perfectly comfortable fit

The included ear fins and ear tips are made of liquid silicone rubber and offer an ultra-soft texture for extra comfort during extended gaming sessions. The earbud design is slightly tilted at the front for an enhanced fit, and each earbud has a small bump at the base for securing it in the ear. These ergonomic designs on ROG Cetra II Core enhance noise isolation and provide maximum comfort and fit for the best listening experiences while gaming.

Front view of the ROG Cetra II Core to show its liquid silicone rubber ear fins and tips

Lightweight, durable aluminum housing design

Crafted from sleek, lightweight aluminum, ROG Cetra II Core has a striking, elegant look that is complemented with scratch resistance, elevating aesthetics and durability.

ROG Cetra II Core, front view

Instant control at your fingertips

Housed in a refined metallic finish, user-friendly in-line controls provide instant, convenient access to play, pause and volume buttons.

1Volume up
2Play / Pause
3Volume down

Image highlighting the user-friendly in-line controls of ROG Cetra II Core
three control buttons of ROG Cetra II Core

Broad multiplatform compatibility

ROG Cetra II Core has a 3.5 mm connector that supports a wide variety of devices — including compatibility with ROG Phone 5, Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation® 5, Xbox One™, Xbox Series X/S, mobile phones, PCs and Macs — allowing gamers to enjoy immersive audio experiences on their platform of choice.

A row of icons to show compatibility with PCs, laptops, gaming consoles, Nintendo Switch, and mobile phones
The 3.5 mm connector of ROG Cetra II Core

Travel case included for added portability

ROG Cetra II Core comes with a compact travel case for easy storage when taking it on the go. Three sizes of LSR ear tips and ear fins, plus a pair of foam ear tips, are included ― so you’re sure to get a fit that's comfortable and secure.

The compact travel case of ROG Cetra II Core includes a pair of foam ear tips and LSR ear tips of three different sizes
  ROG Cetra II, top viewROG Cetra II ROG Cetra II Core, top viewROG Cetra II Core ROG Cetra RGB lighting, front viewROG Cetra RGB ROG Cetra, front viewROG Cetra ROG Cetra Core, front viewROG Cetra Core
Connectivity USB-C® 3.5mm USB-C® USB-C® 3.5mm
Active noise-cancelation Y N Y Y N
Ambient mode Y N Y Y N
Drivers Specially tuned ASUS Essence drivers Specially tuned ASUS Essence drivers ASUS Essence drivers ASUS Essence drivers ASUS Essence drivers
Microphone Hidden mic embedded in earbuds In-line mic In-line mic In-line mic In-line mic
Microphone type Omni-directional Omni-directional Omni-directional Omni-directional Omni-directional
Earbud frame material Aluminum & plastic Aluminum & plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic
Earbuds Black with red Black with red Black Black Black
Software Armoury Crate N/A Armoury Crate Armoury Crate N/A
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