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The monitor photo to show its big, beautiful appearance


Built for gaming. Great for everything

The ROG Swift OLED PG48UQ is a 47.5-inch 4K OLED gaming monitor that features an anti-glare Micro-texture coating to reduce reflections to ensure you see more accurate onscreen colors. Its superfast 138 Hz (overclocked) refresh rate and blazing 0.1 ms response time delivers incredibly immersive gaming on a larger scale. Plus 98% DCI-P3 gamut, true 10-bit color and Delta E < 2 ensure true-to-life colors and the darkest-possible black hues.

  • ASUS OLED icon
  • 4K HDR icon
  • 138Hz Rapid Refresh Rate icon
  • 0.1ms Response Time icon
  • NVidia G-Sync icon
  • HDMI 2.1 icon
  • latest OLED panel to show clear text

    Unique panel sub-pixel layout provides extremely detailed and clearly-defined text

    Learn more
  • uniform brightness icon

    Uniform brightness setting maintains brightness levels for comfortable viewing

    Learn more
  • custom heatsink

    Built-in custom heatsink ensures 8% lower temperatures for OLED longevity

    Learn more
  • anti-glare panel icon

    Anti-glare micro-texture coating on panel surface reduces glare for fewer distractions

    Learn more
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See how the ROG Swift OLED gaming monitor would look on your desktop setup. Click here.

Latest OLED panel with
brighter visuals and more efficient performance

Detailed visuals and clearly-defined text

ROG Swift OLED gaming monitors feature the latest generation OLED panels designed for greater efficiency and brightness. The sub-pixel layout provides extremely detailed visuals and clearly-defined text to upgrade the viewing experience.

The ROG monitor can provide clear text

ROG Swift OLED panel

Other OLED monitor will cause color fringing on text

Other OLED panel





Ultra-realistic Colors

The PG48UQ gaming monitor features true 10-bit color depth and a cinema-grade 98% DCI-P3 gamut to deliver unparalleled realism. Each monitor is pre-calibrated to Delta E < 2 to ensure the very best color reproduction on its brilliant OLED panel.

OLED panel deliver exceptional color performance for gamers

Deepest blacks and high perceptual brightness

The OLED technology in the PG48UQ produces the deepest blacks and provides vivid colors at any brightness level. In-game details are extremely crisp and can be picked out in even the darkest scenes.

  • 1,500,000 : 1
    contrast ratio
The OLED panel provide deepest blacks and perceptual brightness

Blazingly fast response time for smooth visuals

With an ultra-rapid 0.1 ms response time, the PG48UQ smoothly displays fast-paced action scenes and ensures low-latency gameplay. Viewers also enjoy subtle benefits such as blur-free text scrolling.

With 0.1 ms response time

Without 0.1 ms response time


Large custom heatsink

Intelligent cooling design for 8% lower temperatures*

The custom heatsink found in the PG48UQ offers more surface area for heat exchange to provide more efficient cooling performance, even in long gaming stints. The lower temperature enables better OLED performance and prevents image burn-in. This robust fanless system operates silently to minimize distractions.

*Compared to ROG monitors with no heatsink.

The Intelligent cooling design will provide 8% lower temperatures

Anti-glare micro-texture coating

Less glare, fewer distractions

A special matte Micro-texture coating on the surface of the display significantly reduces glare. This allows the PG48UQ to display more accurate colors free of distracting screen glare.

ROG monitor with anti-glare screen

Without anti-glare Micro-texture coating screen

Other OLED monitor is glossy screen

With anti-glare Micro-texture coating screen


Next-gen console and PC gaming
on a bigger scale

Get immersed in latest gaming titles on PC and console at a supersmooth 138 Hz (overclocked) on a massive 47.5-inch 4K display. The PG48UQ takes advantage of Display Stream Compression (DSC) technology and HDMI 2.1 with full 48 Gbps bandwidth for mind-blowing visuals.

The scenario photo of the monitor to connect PC and console.
4K HDR logo DSC logo


Certified NVIDIA® G−SYNC® compatible

The PG48UQ delivers a seamless, tear-free gaming experience by enabling variable refresh rate technology as a default on NVIDIA GeForce® graphics cards.

Certified NVidia G-Sync compatible

Outstanding features

  • The unique design look of PG48UQ The monitor with frameless and superslim finish
    The unique design look of PG48UQ

    Frameless and super-slim design

    The frameless display allows for more immersive viewing and the super-slim profile helps save desktop space.

    Frameless and super-slim design

  • The OSD menu is under the screen for easy access
    The OSD menu is under the screen for easy access


    Easily access the OSD menu via a 5-way navigation joystick under the screen.


  • The monitor comes with remote control
    The monitor comes with remote control

    Remote control

    Adjust settings without having to reach up at the display.

    Remote control

  • The monitor features three stereo speakers
    The monitor features three stereo speakers

    Three stereo speakers

    Two SOUND BY Harman Kardon 10-watt front speakers and one 15-watt woofer deliver incredible audio fidelity.

    Three stereo speakers

Rich Connectivity

The PG48UQ has an array of connectivity options that cater to any gaming or streaming setup. It includes HDMI 2.1 and 2.0, as well as DisplayPort 1.4 (DSC) at the rear to connect to various devices. Two USB ports and a tripod socket on top of the monitor makes it easy to mount a camera. Lastly, there’s even a headphone jack at the bottom of the display.

The IO port of the monitor including HDMI 2.1, HDMI 2.0, DP1.4, USB, tripod socket, earphone jack.
  1. USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A x 2
  2. Tripod socket
  3. USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A x 2
    HDMI 2.0 x 2
  4. HDMI 2.1 x 2
    Display Port 1.4
  5. Headphone Jack







Uniform brightness

When activated, the ROG-exclusive uniform brightness function setting within the OSD menu decreases peak brightness to keep levels consistent for better viewing, even when changing the size of bright white windows. It also makes marathon gaming sessions much more comfortable on the eyes.

ROG OLED monitor with uniform brightness

Other OLED monitor without uniform brightness

*Monitor in sRGB mode.


The ASUS-exclusive, integrated GamePlus hotkey offers in-game enhancements that help you get more out of the game. Co-developed with input from pro gamers, GamePlus functionality allows you to practice and improve gaming skills.

The individual functions of GamePlus feature
  • STOPWATCH feature
  • CROSSHAIR feature
  • TIMER feature
  • FPS COUNTER feature
  • Sniper feature
  • Stopwatch
  • Crosshair
  • Timer
  • FPS Counter
  • Sniper


ASUS GameVisual technology has seven pre-set display modes to optimize visuals for different types of content. This unique feature can be easily accessed through a hotkey or the on-screen display settings menu.

  • comparison image with Racing mode on and off
  • comparison image with MOBA mode on and off
  • comparison image with Cinema mode on and off
  • comparison image with RTS/RPG mode on and off
  • comparison image with FPS mode on and off
  • comparison image with sRGB mode on and off
  • comparison image with Scenery mode on and off
  • Racing
  • MOBA
  • Cinema
  • FPS mode
  • sRGB
  • Scenery
  • Reduces input lag, making it ideal for racing games when G-SYNC technology is on.

  • Enhances the color of your opponents' health/mana bars, so that you can simultaneously respond and be the first to destroy the opposing team's main.

  • Cools and saturates colors for more immersive movies.

  • Enhances color saturation and contrast sharpness to give you better, brighter colors and detailed visuals for real-time strategy (RTS) or RPG games.

  • High contrast brightens up darker areas and shadows onscreen to help gamers spot hidden enemies.

  • Perfect for surfing the web or editing photos.

  • Provide more contrast gradations makes grass greener and skies bluer so it's ideal for slide shows.

ASUS Flicker Free technology

TÜV Rheinland-certified ASUS Flicker Free technology eliminates flicker, ensuring comfortable viewing experiences. This technology helps minimize eyestrain and other ailments typically associated with extended hours of viewing.

The monitor features ASUS Flicker Free technology.


The monitor without ASUS Flicker Free technology will have flicker on screen.


ASUS Low Blue Light technology

The new hardware-based ASUS Low Blue Light technology reduces potentially harmful high-energy blue-light emissions while offering color performance that’s better than monitors with software-based filtering solutions.

The monitor with blue light filter reduces harmful blue light.


The monitor without hardware-based ASUS Low Blue Light make the visual turn yellow.



For gamers that prefer playing on smaller monitors, the PG48UQ supports a range of aspect ratios to cast a 24", 27", or 34" image that can be shifted vertically to aid the viewing experience. See it all, and set the pace with the 0.1ms response time of OLED.

  • 24”
  • 27”
  • 34”
  • user can set the aspect ratio to 24” screen size
  • user can set the aspect ratio to 27” screen size
  • user can set the aspect ratio to 34” screen size


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